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When you finally snag a chick and make her your woman, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your buddies will have less than supportive remarks. They’ll say you spend all your time with your ball-n-chain: “Oh, you don’t wanna kick it with your homies anymore. She’s changing you.” Yup, you’ll hear all sorts of things like that. The truth is, when a guy meets a new girl, he often does leave his friends behind for a while because he’s trying to get to know the girl. Though you need to be careful not to alienate yourself from your friends, here are six times it’s OK to choose your girlfriend over friends.

When she’s sick. Hey, when you’ve got boogers marching out of your nose and down your face like a platoon, she’s there to help you out. You’d better do the same or you don’t deserve the boyfriend title. What kind of jerk would you be if your lady is stuck in bed with the flu and you’re out kicking it with your friends? Get to her house with the medicine and the oils and show her you care. You may even want to make her soup, unless of course your cooking runs the risk of making her feel worse.

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Family events. They usually don’t happen too often, but when they do, you need to make an appearance. If you want to show your girl you’re serious about her, you have to interact with her family. Ducking her family gatherings to hang with friends is a bad sign to her. It shows you aren’t serious about the relationship, so try to make it to most of the events. When you can’t have a really good excuse, that is.

During emergencies. If your woman’s car breaks down and when she calls you tell her to call a tow truck… you realize the relationship just ended. men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>Women want to know their men will be there when they need them. Leaving her on the side of the road, not supporting her through family deaths, losing a job or a host of other things shows you don’t have her back. Oh, and if she finds out you were playing video games instead of coming to get her out of that ditch…

Fights with your friends. Now, this situation can be tricky. Nobody is perfect, including your woman. She could very well be in the wrong, but you can’t allow your friend to disrespect her. If they get into a fight and she’s wrong, tell her she’s wrong—respectfully. If your friend is wrong, do the same. You don’t want to lose either one over a stupid fight.

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When she’s looking out for you. Every guy has that friend that’s known for questionable behavior. If he’s trying to get you involved in some over the top, crazy scheme and your lady doesn’t like it, you’d better value her opinion. She’s not being jealous. She just realizes that your buddy doesn’t make the smartest decisions and she doesn’t want you a part of that impending wreck.

Weddings. If she’s going to a friend’s wedding, it’s only proper that you be her date. Don’t miss out on going because you want to hang out with your buddies. Think about it. Do you want her saturated with such a romantic moment without you there? There are guys that dedicate themselves for hitting on women during these romantic times… It would be like leaving a baby lamb out to be slaughtered by a hungry pack of wolves.