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Lying is regarded as a bad thing, but there are times its OK to lie to your girlfriend. It may be to avoid an argument, or it may be to spare her feelings. The important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t lie about major stuff, but little fibs here and there are okay, especially if they help keep the relationship moving along peacefully. This list of 6 times its OK to lie to your girlfriend has been compiled to help guide you on the stormy seas of relationships.

Did You Like What I Made For Dinner? Your girl is probably not the second coming of Julia Child in the kitchen. She’ll hit a few home runs, and she’ll strike out a few times. The important thing is she’s trying to please you with food, so when she slips up and serves some rancid concoction, you have to be careful. Don’t gush over the dish, but you can’t dump on it, either. This is definitely one the times its OK to lie to your girlfriend. Try telling her “It was good, but you’ve made other things that I like better.”

Is This Game More Important Than Me? Your team has the ball, time’s ticking away, and they need to convert this or the game is over. But you promised you’d go with your girlfriend to the Pottery Barn, and you’ve been delaying departure for a half an hour. Calm down, breathe deep, and reassure her that it’s cool, you guys can leave now. That’s a lie, it’s definitely not cool to leave now, but it’s OK to lie to your girlfriend and follow the game on your smartphone than start a huge fight and never watch a game in peace again.

Do You Like My Friends? These interpersonal bonds are important to men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women. Studies show that girls are more consumed by friendship than boys starting around age 8. Your girlfriend needs to have same-sex friends so she can talk to them about things you’d never want to talk about, ever. Even if her friends are complete pains in the neck, don’t let your girl know it. Tell her you like them plenty. You don’t want to force her to choose sides, because those friends have a way of turning her on you.

Does This Make Me Look Fat? This is the most well-known girlfriend question in the universe, and it still gives men trouble. There’s no way to tip-toe around this one by suggesting a different outfit or something like that. Your girl will know that you think she looks fat, but you just didn’t want to say it. Therefore, the answer is always an emphatic “No!” It is absolutely OK to lie to your girlfriend on this one. You love her, right? Start exercising together if you have a problem with her appearance, otherwise dummy up.

What Did You And Your Friends Do Last Night? “Hun, we made fart jokes for about an hour while we played videogames and got monstrously drunk. Then we talked about celebrities we’d like to sleep with, and stopped by a strip club.” You want her to respect you, and the things men do together don’t warrant much respect. It’s definitely OK to lie to your girlfriend after a boys’ night out.

Is It OK If My Mother Comes To Visit? You may not like it, but it’s OK to lie to your girlfriend on this one. Man up, put on a smile, and let her mom come visit. The mother can make or break you, so it’s important to stay on her good side. Lie like a rug and tell her it’s fine.

These are little things. For big things, you want to stick with the truth. Trivial moments are the times its OK to lie to your girlfriend. Just don’t get caught, or you’ll be in a world of hurt!