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Asking a girl out for a drink is supposed to be fun and flirty, but no one says it’s always easy. If you approach a girl with fear and trepidation over such a little question, she’s most likely to say no. Not many chicks want to hang out with a guy who looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. Keep your cool, don’t be a fool and try these six tips for asking a girl out for a drink.

Avoid the word “date.” Never utter that awful four-letter word when asking a girl out for a drink. Going out for a drink is fun, frivolous and casual. Calling it a “date” suddenly moves into the un-fun, nerve-wracking and what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-wear category. Keep your request sweet and light—kind of like the strawberry daiquiri you hope she’ll be sipping with you soon.

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Pretend you’re going out for a drink anyway. “Hey, I’m heading over to Joe’s Dive Bar for a drink. Want to come along?” If your plans are already in place, there is less pressure all around. She’ll think she’s just tagging along in a friendly way rather than going out for a drink with an admirer where she’ll have to sit around and fend off advances.

Preface it with flattery. If you already know the gal, tell you how much you enjoy talking to her and would love to have a conversation over drinks. If you don’t know the gal, tell her she looks like someone who is really interesting to talk to and you would love to have a conversation over drinks. Once flattery puts a chink in her protective armor, she’s more likely to agree to go out for a drink. Besides, she already knows you’re going to hang on her every word. What gal doesn’t like that?


Entice her with description. If you know of a particularly snazzy or swank bar, talk it up. Tell her she must see this great place, no matter what—even if she doesn’t go there with you. But since you already know how to get there, well, she may as well come along.

Give her options. Maybe she’s not the uber-stylish type at all and will be horrified by your suggestion. You’ll know that’s the case if she suddenly looks like she wants to vomit. Have a few backup suggestions: “We can go out for a lunchtime drink at the artsy bar, an evening drink at the dive bar or a weekend drink at that high-class, top-shelf place everyone is raving about.” Make sure you have a coffee bar in the back of your mind. Believe it or not, not everyone drinks.

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Say you’re buying. When all else fails, money talks. Make sure she knows the tab’s on you, even if she opts for the over-priced, top-shelf stuffy bar. You guys can always lighten the mood once you get there and always switch bars if you’re uncomfortable. Your top priority is getting her to say yes to going out for a drink with you in the first place. All the other details are just fluff, so you can take ’em as they come.