The hot chick you just met at the bar has already told you her name twice, and if you ask her again she’s going to quickly turn cold. Your choices include calling her “babe” the rest of the night, hoping you’ll hear one of her pals will call her by name, or stealing her wallet to peek at her driver’s license. Since none of the options sound particularly attractive, you can instead learn to remember her name using memory tricks called mnemonic devices.

funky glasses

Pick a physical characteristic to jog your memory. Go for an obvious trait like funky glasses Frieda, puffy hair Penelope or maroon lips Martha. Just make sure you don’t start focusing on a single trait and start calling every gal big-boobs Betty. And remember that funky glasses Frieda will probably not be wearing her glasses if she wakes up next to you in the morning—and you’d better have her name memorized by then.


Visualize images associated with her name. If her name is, in fact, Frieda, but she does not, in fact, wear funky glasses, associate other images that relate to Frieda. Frieda kind of sounds like freedom, for instance, and perhaps you want the freedom to give her a kiss. It can also sound a bit like deep freeze, if you go for the kiss uninvited.


Play word games with her name. This technique lets you create an entire sentence using the first letters of the woman’s name. Yes, the process can sound more difficult that just memorizing her name in the first place, but at least you could have some fun. Take good ole Frieda again. Fun Runs In Everyone’s Day Again. That’s because everyone has fun when they meet Frieda-get it?


Use rhyme. Rhyming her name can work especially well because it’s fun and pretty goofy, the same way you usually act in a bar to begin with. Frieda rhymes with Rita rhymes with meter (kind of) rhymes with Jeter. Just don’t call her Derek or Rita when using this device.

letter f

Use alliteration. As you may recall from that long-forgotten English One class, alliteration involves repeating the same initial sound in a group of words. Fine, fresh, fun-loving Frieda. Fantastic, foxy, fabulous Frieda.

bar napkin

Write her name on a bar napkin.  Pretend you are so enamored with her name that you just had to write it down on the nearest bar napkin. Tell her how jazzy it looks in print. Then shove the napkin in your pocket so you can pull it out for a glance when necessary or tell her the name would look even jazzier if she would put her phone number beneath. Bingo—a pickup line and mnemonic device all in one.