When you make a nice play in a game, you feel good. You want to rejoice. And you should. Just don’t rejoice like these guys. Because what follows are six of the most obnoxious, inappropriate and bad-karma-inducing celebrations in the history of sports. Let these be cautionary tales for you and those you care about…

1. Marking Your Turf

This is two for one: first you get a great goal by Nigeria against Greece in the 1994 World Cup. Then you get a man pretending to be a dog who has found a spot that’s too good to ignore. (Will he make number one or number two? Press play now for the exciting answer!)

2. Wagging the Wagger

We admit, it’s hard not to enjoy watching Shaquille O’Neal dunk on Dikembe Mutombo and then give him a dose of his own medicine—Mutombo’s patented finger wag. But look what happens to Shaq: he immediately gets teed up. Shoulda just run back down the court, Diesel.

3. At Least We Can’t Hear Him

Terrell Owens spent much of his NFL career performing obnoxious touchdown dances. This may have been the summit of his showboating. T.O. combined two things despised by all Americans—himself and mimes—and made a nation long for the days of the Dirty Bird.

4. Flipping Out

Many athletes celebrate good plays with backflips, including in sports that in no way require such athleticism. (Seriously, why are golfers flipping?!) But few of them get quite so flippy—or, for that matter, so injured—as this young Brazilian after he scores a goal.

5. Walls Are Hard

Tip: After you score a touchdown, don’t slam your head against a wall. Even if you’re wearing a helmet. Nothing good can happen. In this case, it sent quarterback Gus Frerotte to the hospital with a sprained neck. (Best angle at 1:45.) Redskins fans, just skip to the next one.

6. Find the Line

Many a football player has been stripped at the goal line (just ask Leon Lett). This one is unique because it was totally self-inflicted. DeSean Jackson is about to score when he decides to flip the ball prematurely, making his touchdown dance about a million times more humiliating. Ironically, he did something very similar in a high school all-star game. Guess some guys just don’t learn…