There’s no question that nerds love video games, but with the six video game jobs any nerd would love to have, gamers can turn a nerdy hobby into a lucrative career. The top video game jobs are mainly technical in nature, which means to get them, you’re going to have to be smart and get a good education. The subjects you’ll need to know best include math, science, animation, and art. Once you master the basics, you can start working toward a satisfying career in video games.


Lead Character Artist. In this video game job, nerds will enjoy not only the direct creation of video game characters, but also the thrill of leading a creative team. Imagine being able to dictate the hero of the next great video game of your generation. This job might involve creating elements of the world within the video game, as well. Key skills you’ll need include creativity, animation, and leadership. You will likely need a bachelor’s degree in game art or computer animation.


Video Game Tester. The rumors are true! Video game testing is a real need in the industry, and there are plenty of nerds who would love to get paid to it. The more professional name for this job is quality assurance technician, and while it is an awesome way to make a living, it can also be hard work. Your job is to test the games at all stages of development, catch glitches in the program, and keep detailed notes. This means you need to be detail-oriented and have a lot of patience. Previous internet technology experience is also a plus.


Online Game Designer. The Internet is the latest big thing in video games. As an Online Video Game designer, any nerd would love having the experience of creating new games for the Internet. While this job is extremely satisfying to any gamer, it’s no picnic. You’re overseeing all production. Management skills are a must. You also need a four-year degree in game design and experience with game production and programming.


Copywriter. While this might not sound like a video game job any nerd would love, looking deeper into the copywriter’s duties will prove that notion wrong. The copywriter is a key part of the marketing department of video game companies, and as such it will be your job to convince the public that the video game you’re selling is awesome. To do this, you will need to be very familiar with the game and have a real passion for the industry. A college degree in writing or communications is something employers look for.


Lighting Artist. As with the Lead Character Artist, the Lighting Artist of a video game is necessary to create the virtual world. This video game job is one that nerds will love because of how involved you get to be with the characters, background, and other visual effects of the game. Your job is to bring life to an otherwise flat and one-dimensional world. Artistic skills and familiarity with 3D software are essential, and a college degree in graphic art or computer animation is helpful.

World Designer.jpg

World Designer. This job might take the cake for the video game job any nerd would love. As the world designer, you help to define what every scene in the video game will look like. This means you get to set the mood for the whole game. All of the other designers and artists will look to you for guidance, so you need to have a very clear vision. You’ll need to have an art or programming degree, along with a vast imagination, animation experience, leadership skills and of course, a love for video games.