It’s no secret: Men value their sexual prowess. Knowing that you’re capable of satisfying your lady in the bedroom is a source of tremendous pride, but sadly, men don’t put the same premium on being good listeners. But guess what? The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It’s true; being a better listener can make you better at sex. Don’t believe it? Well, open your eyes and ears, and check out this list!


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Listening with eyes. Eye contact is a must when it comes to being a good listener. When you keep good eye contact during a conversation, you’re letting your partner know just how interested you are in her. But the same holds true when it comes to sex, right? Keeping your eyes locked on your partner can help heighten the intensity of your passionate session. Get used to looking deep into her eyes by focusing on her during conversation.



Listening all night long. Do not talk when they talk and listen when they speak. Don’t over-reciprocate. Just listen. Tolerate it if you need to. If you can’t listen out of bed then you surely will not listen in bed. One of the reasons women love men who can listen. Even if it takes all night long. Practicing this unselfish behavior will lead to unselfish behavior in the bedroom, which is possibly the most important character trait when it comes to sex.


Mentally jot down the hints. The little hints of sexual likes and dislikes can prove very worthy in the bedroom. Listen for what turns them on. Could be a song. Could be you singing. Could be almost anything. But there’s only one way to gather this information for better sex—by listening. Those who listen long enough for sex hints, and can tolerate it without losing it, end up having the best sex.


Offering slight advice brings out the nice. When your sex partner offers slight advice, take it anyway you can. Even with a grain of salt. Advice taken can be arousing. It shows your sex partner that you can be flexible and open to suggestion, which can be twice as helpful in bed. Once your sex partner knows that you can take their advice, let them control the moment where they advise you to try something unique and possibly kinky!


At least she’ll act interested. In order to appear as if you’re listening you’ll have to act interested. Putting a casual yet serious look on that face and saying “yes, yes, ah huh” every now and then helps. If you stop what you’re doing and act interested in what she has to say, you’re making her feel important and appreciated. No woman is going to jump into bad for great sex with a man they think doesn’t find them interesting.

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Lending a hand. You’ll need your hand during sex, did you know?  But assisting your sex partner on conversing matters outside of the bedroom  just may be the push they need for them to lend you a hand inside of the bedroom. A give and take, so per say. If she doesn’t want or need your help, don’t offer. Know when too much is too much and don’t try so hard. Unless it enhances your sexual experience.