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If you love the nightlife, drunk chicks and rubbing elbows with the A-list, you have to be friends with at least one club promoter. Knowing a club promoter can improve your life in more ways than one, and here are the top six reasons you should schmooze up to these professional party populators!

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Party 24/7! The hippest, hottest clubs have something cool happening everyday of the week, especially if you’re looking to party in major metropolitan hotspots like New York, LA or Vegas. If you know a club promoter in one of these areas, your party life will surely improve. However, the rest of your existence may become a vague and hungover memory. Who needs sleep or job security when you can party all the time?

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Get on “The List”! We all know how important that can be. Why wait in line when you can look like a pretentious prick passing up all those suckers outside? If you know a really big club promoter, you might even find yourself mingling with celebrities. You never know, you may hook up with the next Kim Kardashian, Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, or at least party with a few of your favorite actors, rock stars and athletes-that ain’t half bad either.


Hot Dates! Hot, albeit shallow women everywhere love a man with connections. And so do smart, good looking women who know they can do better than you. The dummies think you’re the be all end all, and the smarter hotties use you as a stepping stone to greener pastures. Either way, you’re seen in public with good arm candy, and you might even get laid.
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Free Drinks! Being a hipster, scenester or club kid sure as hell ain’t cheap, and making the rounds of the party circuit is definitely not fun without a steady supply of alcohol to keep you going. Many times your promoter friends are also friendly with the bartenders and cocktail waitresses who can hook you up! Besides, free drinks make it easier and more economical to get-and keep-your date drunk.

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Free Swag! One of the greatest things about knowing a club promoter is all the free swag you can score! Have you ever been to a promoter’s house or seen what’s in their trunk? T-shirts, hats, thongs, lighters, buttons, pins, beach balls, mugs, cups, glow sticks, liquor samples, condoms and about a dozen random items donning the names of your favorites artists, nightclubs and liquor labels. Knowing a club promoter can definitely get you A LOT of free swag!


Promotion Models! What’s better than a hot chick with fake boobs in a bikini with a tray of free shots? Nothing! Wherever there is a promotion, there are sure to be scantily clad promotion models passing out a bunch of freebies and exposing a lot skin. If your promoter friend organizes this type of party, be sure to send a thank you card.