This just in. Apparently being married can actually improve your sex life. Who would have guessed that spending time with one woman could actually make you better at sex. All this time guys have been thinking that they needed a boat load of sexual partners to really achieve sexual greatness. Well no more. Why deal with multiple women with multiple hang ups, attitudes, problems and such? Just find one good one, marry her, and get to improving your sex life. Still not convinced, brothers? Well here are six ways marriage can improve your sex life.

Knowing your partner. When you have multiple partners, you have to go through the trouble of taking the time out to find out what ALL of them like. Here’s a hint. What one woman likes may not float another chick’s boat. As a matter of fact, it may sink it. When you’re married, you can put all your energy into figuring out your wife. The more time you spend, the better the sex will be.

Steady sex. Even the most tested and proven of players goes through a drought, but not the married guy. As long as you keep performing at a high level in the bedroom, you’ll always have a constant supply of sex from your wife. She won’t hit you with the “I have a headache” crap, because she’ll want to get down just as much as you. Just make sure you spend the necessary time figuring out how to please her.

Inevitable creativity. According to Keith Adlow M.D., relaxing in marriage has the inevitable outcome of becoming unimpressed with your mate.  If you’re going to have one partner, i.e. your wife, after a while, you’ll be forced to try new things. It’s not a bad thing. No one likes stale sex. It’ll be up to you two to keep it fresh by trying to figure out more and more freaky ways to get each other off. Imagine the possibilities of increasing your sexual pleasure with your wife every single time you have sex. Excited? You should be. You can’t do this kind of stuff with multiple partners. You need to focus on one to continually pull this off.

Improved confidence. For men, sexual performance is centered around their confidence level. The guy that has confidence in his package and his ability to wield his package is going to perform better in the bedroom. If you’ve proven to your wife that you can send her to Jupiter and back every single time you guys take off, then your confidence will be pretty high. Better confidence, better sex.

A partner that knows you. Sex isn’t all about giving, you want to get something too. Well, believe that your woman will be learning you just like you’re gathering info on what she likes. As long as you guys keep the sex fresh, she’ll be your bedroom tigress. She’ll blow your mind just like you blow hers. Sex is great because you make it great. There’s no greater lover than a woman that knows you.


No condoms. Everybody knows that sex feels a hell of a lot better without the use of condoms. They also know that not using condoms with multiple ladies is pretty much a suicide attempt. When you’re married, you don’t need them. Birth control is for preventing children, not STDs. In which case there are alternate forms of birth control which don’t lessen the sexual pleasure for you.