There are six ways that the science of seduction can actually help you get laid. The science of seduction is not exactly a hard science. There are a lot of theories and unproven opinions, but there are some facts when it comes to seduction. You can use these scientific facts and the forces of chemistry at work within all of us to help you get laid sooner and more often.




Look for your opposite. The science of seduction says that opposite personality types do sometimes attract. This means that if you’re wildly outgoing, look for the shy, quiet type to seduce. She’ll be drawn to your outgoing nature. If you’re shy, look for the life of the party. She’ll be more likely to find your shyness adorable and take you under her wing and eventually, into her bed.


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Work on your conversation skills. To use the science of seduction to help you get laid, you first need to perfect the art of conversation. To effectively seduce a woman, you need to get her chatting. Ask her questions about herself. Tell fascinating anecdotes and keep the conversation flowing.


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Use humor. In addition to a fabulous conversation, humor can really be an added boost when it comes to seduction. A woman can’t resist a man who tickles her funny bone. Be charming, quick-witted, and pay attention to what makes her giggle. The more she laughs, the closer you are to sealing the deal and getting laid.



Touch her. The science of seduction naturally involves physical touch. Brush away her hair. Stroke her hand. Lead her out the door by placing your palm on her lower back. Any excuse you can find to touch, go for it. A woman is more likely to be attracted to you if you’ve established a pleasant physical connection.


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Get emotional. Now that you’re talking, laughing and touching, it’s time to get real. If you really want to get laid, the woman is likely going to need to feel connected to you. Tell her something private about yourself, and ask her to share something with you. Nothing boosts the science of seduction like an emotional attachment.


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Put in the time. Don’t expect to be able to seduce a woman and get laid all in one evening. While you may get lucky, expect to put in at least a few dates before you get laid. Like many science experiments, seduction can often take time.