Drinking can be fun, but at some point you need to be aware that it might make you a little less…potent. That is, unless you want a night of drinking to get the best of you and add an element of embarrassment to a relationship. While there is a certain level of drunkenness that will make sex nearly impossible, there is a thin line between being able to perform well and performing poorly in the bedroom, based on the amount you consumed. What you can do to avoid a bad situation is to maintain complete mental control so that your body won’t let you down. This might not be easy at first, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of and never have to suffer from liquor dick again.


Make sure that both you and the woman are truly making a conscious decision to sleep together. Remember that quality sex works best when the body and the mind are on the same page. This means thinking carefully about what you’re doing before you take that first drink. Talk to the woman you’re with before she starts drinking, too. Otherwise, you may end up doing something you’ll regret later. You don’t want this to turn into a messy situation in a legal sense, so the thought of all of that hassle alone may help you avoid drinking to the point of limpness.


Wear a condom that fits well. The little things can make a difference when you’ve been drinking, and a condom that’s too large or too small can throw you off of your game. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to try on a few different sizes and brands before heading out for a night of drinking. This might seem embarrassing, but you’ll thank yourself later. Also, when you’re actually with a woman, don’t try to rush and get it on. Being flustered will make it harder to perform.


Set the mood in the bedroom. Just because you’ve been drinking doesn’t mean you have to lose your class. Get some mood lighting ready, such as a soft lamp or candles, and plan for some sensual music. That way, when you bring the woman home, you’ll be all set. Also, remove things that can alter an erection, such as a cold air conditioner vent or that picture of you and your mom from last Christmas. Little things can make a big difference when trying to avoid a letdown.


Incorporate foreplay before sex. Sometimes when you’re drunk, certain processes work a little slower. Your body has to adjust to alcohol in your system and adding quality foreplay can give it the proper time it needs to get fully aroused. Because you’ve been drinking, both you and your partner might want to jump the gun and start too soon. However, foreplay will help you avoid liquor dick and it will make sure you’re partner is fully ready, too. This will make the sex more enjoyable for you both.


Don’t overdo foreplay. Okay, so foreplay is good, but when it’s time to rock and roll you need to take advantage of that window of opportunity. While some foreplay is a good thing, you don’t want to use up every ounce of your limited energy. Shoot for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes of foreplay. Ordinarily, you should be devoting at least 15 to 20 minutes to foreplay, for your partner’s sake, but when you’ve been drinking, it’s likely that you and your lady might get tired fast. Avoid this by packing quality foreplay into a smaller amount of time.


Know when to hold off and sober up a bit. There’s no rule that says you have to have sex at the peak stage of drunkenness. If a cup of coffee leads to no sex, it might not have been a good idea to have sex in the first place. And if the two of you are still in the mood, it’s a good sign that your body will be ready to go. Other ways to sober a bit might be a little food or a short walk.