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Learning how to deal with rejection from the fairer sex is something most guys just pick up over the normal course of time. A man’s learning curve is a very slow one when it comes to women. From the time a guy first realizes he likes girls until college or so, he fails more times than he succeeds. It’s sort of a right of passage when you finally figure out how to maneuver more effectively in social settings that involve the opposite sex. If you haven’t figured out how to deal with rejection from women by now, you’re either a pretty boy who never needed to develop social skills, or a dude that’s never stepped on the field before. Either way, these six ways to deal with rejection from a woman will get you up to speed with the rest of the average Joes out there.


Ginger Lynn Blonde Pornstars

Yes, porn. Saturate yourself with so much porn that women, sex and sex with women is the last thing on your mind. For some of you, this may take a while. The good news is there are millions of sites online. You can left-click on your mouse all night until that mean chick that turned you down is one distant and sticky memory. Porn should help with the initial sting of the rejection.

Other women.

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Hey, she’s not the only fish in the sea. Not even close. Most guys play the law of averages anyway. They ask a bunch of girls out and jump on the ones who bite. You should do the same. Convince yourself you shouldn’t care about the tuna that got away. There’s a school of salmon up ahead. Develop a thick skin and realize you don’t want a chick that doesn’t want you anyway.

Dating sites.


If you’re one of those guys that just has to have a date, sign up for a dating site. They do all the hard work for you. All you do is browse pics, send messages back and forth, then meet up with the girl. If you don’t like her, move to the next one. Who’s going to care about one particular girl when you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of opportunities to meet other ones? For those of you that just have to have a girl on your arm, dating sites can be the way to go.

Find out about yourself.

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No, no-put the lubrication away. That was for step one. When you dig deeper into the person you are (i.e. likes, dislikes, passions and so forth), you’ll make better decisions pertaining to the chicks you go after. Realize that you don’t need to mold yourself to fit into a category that you think she’d like to see you in. Accept yourself for who you are and deal with girls that like you for who you are. Rejection won’t even be an issue anymore.

Do things you like to do.

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To greatly reduce the chance of being rejected by the next chick, try this. Get involved in things you enjoy to do. Whatever it is, there’s probably a community that promotes it. Join that community and have your pick of the women there. You guys will already have a few things in common, making it easier to get to know her. More importantly, it’ll lessen the chances of rejection. Oh, and you’ll forget about the she-devil that pulled you through the mud previously.

Wash, rinse, repeat. 

Nothing is guaranteed, but guys are nothing if not persistent. You can pick and choose from a few of the previous steps and try, try again. All you really need to realize is that not everybody is going to like you, and they don’t have to. Get your butt off your shoulders and meet more chicks. Then the one that did you wrong won’t matter so much, especially if you have porn and other babes to dry your tears.