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Las Vegas was built to overwhelm with city lights, sex, and clock-less casino mazes. The casinos bet that you will wander around, breathing the recycled air, dropping wads of cash for marked-up meals, drinks, covers, and tickets. Turn the odds on the house with these six ways to get comped in Las Vegas. Go out on the strip, drink like Robert Downey Jr., party like Charlie Sheen, and spend very little money!

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Gather a Gaggle of Girls

Bouncers in Vegas get paid to get gangs of girls in their clubs. Start your night in Vegas early and befriend a group of girls before they get drunk. You might find herds of them wandering Caesar’s Palace Shops or indulging at Rio’s Carnival World Buffet. Cut the line outside your favorite club and go right up to the VIP bouncer with your females and you can forget about the cover charge and the wait. If you have enough women, or if their just super hot, you might get some free drink tickets out of the deal.


Get a Free Limo

Mega-strip clubs, like Sapphire and Treasures, are located near the highway and off the strip. Call one of them and order a ride. A limo will arrive at your hotel to zip you down the strip then west towards the strip of strip clubs: Industrial Avenue. You’ll be dropped off at the door step, skip the line and won’t pay a cover charge.


Identify a Local Celebrity

The bouncers, dancers, performers, and even the magicians of Vegas party and it’s your job to find them. Look for exceptionally large men, extraordinarily tall and skinny women, or groups of diminutive fitness models. Chances are that they work in the “industry” and can commonly be found weekdays on the strip. After a night of boisterous drinking your new best friend will put you on a list for a free ticket or cover.


Win Big

The most classic of the six ways to get comped in Las Vegas. Gamble and hit it big. The casino doesn’t want all that money leaving their property so they’ll give you a room, meals and in-house show tickets. Try playing craps. With a little practice and know-how, you can end up doing quite well and you’ll earn yourself some complimentary perks.



Anybody gambling is entitled to a comped drink. Of course, proper etiquette means that you should tip the server, but that’s a small price for free booze. Play the long-con and sit at a low-minimum black jack table or put five dollars on your favorite sports team and sit in a sports book. A cocktail waitress will show up. Keep tossing her dollar tips and she’ll keep returning.


Find a Local Promotional Event

There are a ton of options in Vegas-food, entertainment, alcohol-and they all elbow for position to get your tourist dollar. Occasionally a brand will throw a haymaker with a blowout promotional event. It might be for a newly-opened restaurant, a new type of tequila or a re-branded club. Whatever the reason, most everything at these events are free, but you need to be in the know. Pick up a physical copy of Las Vegas Weekly found in yellow colored newspaper dispensers a block or two east and west of the strip or in your nearest Cappriotis sandwich shop, a Las Vegas staple (try the Bobbie while there). The casinos do not want you armed with this information and the promotional events are only advertised in the physical copy of the weekly. Pour over it for promotional events. Get the time, date, venue and make sure to RSVP in the manner prescribed or you’ll be turned away at the door.