There is no other way to leave with a bang than getting fired like a boss. In every opportunity to get fired, there are over-the-top moves you can try out to sprinkle salt on your exit wound. Why not go for legend status since you’re leaving anyway, right?


Get connected to the office burn! Send everyone in the office an e-mail, with or without video, telling them how the boss scams them, and then laugh at them near the end of the e-mail. Make sure you don’t leave out the annoying little things each person does that get under your skin or how worthless they were to the company as far as you are concerned. This will get corporate attention as they march to your desk and fire you in front of everyone.


The happy place. This is not the same place as in “Happy Gilmore”. This form of happy place can lead to many unhappy people, including the boss. Did it feel good expressing yourself to the boss in a way they have been expressing towards you for quite some time? Treating everyone like they are lower than you can boost your bossy ego. Setback? You run the risk of getting punched in the face.


Underhandedly employed by the competition? The lowest of low in a ruthless ring of power plays goes to company treason. Secretly being hired by the competition would not be the bad part. That comes when you quit-on a day you’re most needed. Not everyone is double-agent material, but take into consideration the pros and cons of both companies before you regrettably choose the bridge to nowhere.


Live life like you never have before. What if your benefits come with certain attitude conditions? Do you comply? Do what you would normally do. Act the way you would naturally act. Live life. Getting fired like a boss does not always lead to an outburst or an explosive departure, but you can make the memory last!

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Crops of cops. When a boss gets fired, a need for usually unneeded security is met. If the boss has a problem with being fired, then tables could turn, lamps could break and heads could roll. Most bosses do not need to be escorted out by security after turning in their keys, but it happens. How to attract a crop of cops? Return for work the next day.

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Own it! It was only a matter of time, but you knew it was coming—you’re fired! What could change the outcome of the semi-surprise attack against your employment position? Knowing how to own the moment. To own the moment, make your position flexible enough to sabotage and squash the competition (even if it is your own boss). That’s right-pull out the competitive brown nosing stops. Being your own boss is the best way to get fired like a boss.