For six ways to get laid in Vegas that don’t involve prostitutes, look no further! Sure, picking up a prostitute might be legal in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re willing to go to that extreme. Instead, save your money and your pride, and try out a few other ways to meet women and get laid in Vegas that don’t involve prostitutes.


Shell out for the hotel. Vegas is also filled with glamorous hotels attached to casinos, clubs, bars and restaurants. If you want to get laid without involving prostitutes, choose the priciest hotel you can afford. A few examples include the Venetian, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino and the Bellagio.


Get crazy. You’re in Vegas, after all! One way to boost your confidence and increase your chances of getting laid is to reinvent yourself. Check out a casino or show. Go to an all-night buffet. Whatever it is you wouldn’t normally do, do that! And keep an eye out for available women while you’re at it.


Go with your friends. A good wingman might be all you need to get laid in Vegas without involving prostitutes. You need the company of friends to help you gain the confidence you need to start approaching women. And remember, the women in Vegas are there for the same reason you are—to let loose and have a great time. For many, that involves getting laid!


Check out a meet-up website. Before you get to Vegas, check out sites like or even a few dating sites. These can give you an idea of some specific women in Vegas who are looking to hook up. Before you get to Las Vegas, connect with a few women on the site. Let them know when you’ll be in town and plan to meet. This will give you a distinct advantage when it comes to getting laid.


Drink. A lot. And go to places in Vegas where the women are drinking, too. This can be casinos, bars or clubs. Wander around and check out a few places. Keep drinking. Keep looking for woman who drink, and you’ll increase your chances of getting laid in Vegas without involving prostitutes.

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Spend your money. Vegas has been known in the past as being one of the cheapest big city vacation spots. However, nowadays, you’re going to need to throw around some money to get your money’s worth. And that includes spending on a woman you want to hook up with. Buy her dinner. Buy her a drink. Take her to a show. Vegas is filled with money-spending options that can help get you laid!