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Sex is one of the greatest and most fun activities on this earth (we all know it, so don’t try to deny it), but sometimes sex can get a bit bland. You can get get stuck in a sexual rut. To come out of it, try having sex in different places, perhaps on a table. Try any of these six steamy sex positions you can do on a table to spice up your sex life and make sex amazing!


Do the leg wrap. Have your girl sit on the edge of the table and wrap her legs around you as hard as she can. Make sure the table is at an appropriate height for your pelvises to be aligned, or this will not work. When she wraps her legs around you, place your hands on her lower back and pull her forward. Then enter her and have amazing sex.


Try the lying down scissors. This position sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. It’s quite simple, but it maximizes pleasure for yourself and your girl. Make her lie down on her back on the table with her legs on your shoulders, then cross her legs over like scissors so the opposite legs sit on the opposite shoulders. This way, when you thrust, she will have maximum clitoral stimulation and her downstairs will be even tighter on your member.


Try the sneak-a-peak. Have your girl lie down on her back on the table with her butt hanging slightly off the edge, and then hold her legs up with her feet on your shoulders. Her legs don’t have to be completely straight, but make sure you hold onto her tightly so she doesn’t fall when you go at it hard. This is a great position because you’ll get to see everything like it’s being presented to you on a wooden platter. Its also great for her because you’ll be able to go harder when you thrust inside of her.


Do simple doggy style. Have your girl stand in front of the table and bend down so that her upper half is resting on the table. Then grab her from the hair, waist or hips and spread her legs. This way you can do vaginal or anal sex easily. This is a great position which requires minimum effort and gives maximum pleasure.


Try the standing wheelbarrow. This position is a little higher up on the difficulty scale than the other positions, but it is totally worth the effort! Have your girl hoist herself with her arms on the table facing away from you. Grab her legs and wrap them around your waist, like a wheelbarrow. Enter her from behind any way you like. Make sure you both are up for the challenge beforehand and hold onto her tightly so she doesn’t fall.


Your turn to lean back. Now, instead of having her lie on the table, it’s your turn to lean back. You can even sit, if you feel that is more comfortable. Make her sit in your lap and extend her legs on the table. Hold on to her waist tightly so she doesn’t fall. Instead of humping her, let her hump you and pull her in with every hump.