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There are certainly more than six possible ways to hit on a sorority girl, but starting out with just a few can be helpful. Sorority girls are usually tight group, and they seem to be constantly surrounded by frat boys. If you want to hit on one of these sorority girls, you need to be up for the challenge. A guy with high standards and good self-esteem is a solid candidate for hitting on sorority girls.


Choose one. There are lots of sorority girls to choose from on a college campus. However, these girls don’t appreciate a guy who hits on all of them. In fact, some of them refuse to hook up with someone that one of their sisters has already hooked up with. This means you should find the girl you’re most interested in and focus your flirting efforts on her.


Infiltrate the group. To hit on a sorority girl, it’s helpful to be part of the group. An extreme way to do this is to actually join a fellow fraternity. However, you can usually find a mutual friend that can get you invited to a party or social event. If all else fails, get involved with a cause that the sorority contributes to.

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Get introduced. Once you’re in the group, flirting with a sorority girl is usually easier with an introduction. Get to know some of the guys she knows or talk to her friends. However, make it clear that she’s the one you’re most interested in. Once she gets your name from someone she already knows, you’re halfway there!


Be nice. Sorority girls are used to frat boys, who are not known for being the nicest bunch. A lot of them are immature and not interested in relationships. Because they’re more focused on drunken hook-ups than relationship building, they might not be as nice as they should be to sorority girls. You can benefit from this by being nice for a change. Offer compliments. Ask the sorority girl about herself and her interests. She’s likely to respond well.


Keep up. As much as they might appreciate courtesy, sorority girls are an active and sometimes wild bunch. They like to party and socialize, and many of them are heavy drinkers. To hit on a sorority girl, you’re going to need to be willing to keep up. If you’re the type that likes to stay home on the weekend and read, then a sorority girl is probably not for you.


Find common interests. Once you get the sorority girl talking, you can keep her interest by finding some things you share, such as hobbies or causes. While sorority girls love to party, they also usually care about the community and want to make a difference. Some also take academics very seriously, so if you’re a student, then this can be used as a common interest, as well.