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A new city: welcome to the jungle, where a friendship moves faster than a taxi passing by. For those who have little time to make friends in a new city, knowing where to go to meet new people is paramount. Fortunately, we’ve got six ways to make your day much more interesting when it comes to making friends in the big city!

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 Visit city hotspots. Locations with WiFi to swap Facebook adds, transfer emails, check internet updates, and complete other online tasks can grow addictive and become busy at times with tech-heads, computer lovers, and business venturers. With so many souls in one area, opportunities for making connections are plentiful. While you shouldn’t snoop, there’s no harm in a cursory glance at someone’s monitor to kickstart a conversation, right?


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Compliment and converse. “Nice (fill in the blank).” Smile. Nothing too strong or too strange should be penciled in. If you want to make new friends remember one thing—a fly guy is not a shy guy. Free your inner self and pay attention to others. While some men may not be comfortable with the idea of complimenting another man, or receiving said compliment, it’s a sure bet that women will love compliments. Women thrive on them, so feed their need and make some new friends by using your honeyed words.

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Sharing a cab. A person can get to know another just by the cab conversation. “Where are you headed?” A question that opens further conversation. “Uptown.”  “I like the uptown steak restaurant.” And so on. If you plan on saying nothing at all, nothing will be said to you. That is, if the other passenger doesn’t speak to you right off the bat. If they appear to be the poster child for arrogance, don’t waste your time. There are other cabs to catch.



Invite to an outing, request tour. It is very simple. A city is a playground of sights, historical landmarks, museums, nightclubs, nightlife, music, plays, etc. Ask for directions from someone and where you could catch a tour of the city. Most host-driven people love to share their favorite city scenes. A perk for the guy trying to find ways to make friends in a new city, but just try not to be too touristy. People can get annoyed, and you make yourself an easy target.

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Join a passionate cause. Compatibility is the name and the cause is the game for a die-hard activist. City activists can be found in scores at certain corners. If your bus passes a pack of activists supporting a cause you feel very passionate about, get off at the next corner and make potentially compatible friends in the new city. Local comp-activists can be found online at a local page, site or an ad. Check out their meeting if it interests you.


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Patiently be yourself. Before giving up on making friends in a new city consider your last option—yourself. Expectations can get in the way of making new friends. So don’t expect anything in return. Continue life but add an event to your calendar. What do you like? The local library is a great place to track down various local events of multiple interest. You never know, you may end up sitting next to someone tracking down that very same thing. Share a cab? Use all the flexible patience you can (without overkill—freaks don’t make good friends). And just being yourself (people like that in a person) is the most important of the six ways to make friends in a new city.