Cougar bait

 If older women fill you with longing, you’ll definitely be interested in six ways to make you the perfect cougar bait. The cougar phenomenon is still going strong with older women dating younger men and both parties loving it. While dissenters have complained that older women “prey” on the guys, which is how the term cougar came about in the first place, supporters point out that older guys have been going for much younger women for years. Now it’s the ladies’ turn to pounce. If you’re interested in becoming fresh prey, these tips will make you the perfect cougar bait.

Stay young or at least look young. The general rule that makes you cougar bait in the first place is being just a bit older than half a cougar’s age, according to the UK’s “Daily Mail.” The target age for cougar bait is between about 20 and 30, with one cougar commenting in the “Daily Mail” that after a guy hits age 30, it’s all downhill from there.

Stay in shape. A beautiful body comes in a close second to young age when it comes to cougar bait. Many men around the same age as the cougars are already paunchy, droopy and balding. Some may even be missing teeth. You don’t have to be Mr. Muscle Man, but keep your body trim, toned and ready for action. Cap your teeth if they’re crappy while you’re at it.

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Be attentive and courteous. A young face and hot bod are not enough to make you successful cougar bait—you need to pay attention. Cougars generally like when you hold open doors, pull out chairs and offer your coat if they happen to get cold. They want to be respected as the independent, confident women they are, but they also enjoy some pampering. Toe licking is not necessarily required, although it may be enjoyed.

Pack lightly. Packing lightly doesn’t mean bringing only the skimpiest man undies for your overnight stays—although that will certainly boost up your cougar bait rating. What it does mean is packing lightly on the emotional baggage. One of the reasons cougars dig younger men is the guys don’t have the life experience that burdens them with three ex-wives, six kids, nine addictions and other baggage that can make relationships a complicated headache. If you got problems and issues, keep them largely to yourself.

Learn from a woman

Be teachable. Although cougars don’t dig men with tons of past baggage and experience, they are thrilled to teach others what they’ve learned throughout life. Cougar bait needs to have an open mind and a certain awe for the worldly, experienced woman in front of them. If you already think you know it all and don’t need to learn new things, you might as well stick with the younger set who are equally delusional.

Perform. Sexual attraction is what is going to attract cougars to their bait in the first place, but they will quickly spit out their prey if he’s not able to perform. Expect a lot of bedroom action and be ready to live up to your end of the deal. You’re never too young for Viagra if that’s what it takes to make you cougar bait.