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Making a long commute to work bearable can be tough. A long commute can add an hour or more to your work day, which can reduce job satisfaction and overall happiness as well as significantly increasing your stress level. A higher stress level can impact your work performance and ultimately, affect your career over the long-term. The solution to avoiding all of these pitfalls is to try out some simple ways to make your long commute bearable.


Listen to music. Music can be an excellent way to help make your long commute bearable. Even if you have an hour long commute, you can listen to an entire album in that time and barely notice the time passing. By listening to your favorites, the time will not only go faster, but you may find that it’s a great way to get in some quality alone time. Try to avoid the radio, however. The process of switching stations to find good music can be frustrating and distracting to your driving.


Buy books on tape. If music isn’t your thing, get some books on tape to help make your long commute bearable. These are sold at local book stores and are usually at least several hours long. With your long commute, you may be able to get through multiple books a week. You’ll be improving your mind and enjoying yourself during the commute.


Try some relaxation techniques. If you just can’t stand the stress of driving in rush hour during your long commute, you might try some simple relaxation techniques. One that works well is deep breathing. Take several deep breaths in a row to help calm yourself and make your long commute more bearable. You can also try positive self-talk. This technique involves saying only positive things to yourself, such as how you can appreciate the scenery around you, the quality time you get to have with yourself or just the fact that you’re physically able to complete your commute.

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Start a carpool. Some people will never enjoy a long commute alone. If this sounds like you, find some other people who work at your company or a nearby company and who live in your neighborhood that also commute to work. Driving together will not only make the ride more pleasant, but it will save you front expending the energy and extra gas money several days a week.


Consider public transportation. Public transportation might be a suitable option in your area to make your long commute bearable. There are only so many things you can do and accomplish while driving. However, while riding on a bus or train, you can read, work on reports or even use your laptop. Getting things accomplished can certainly make the commute more bearable.

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Talk to your boss about working from home. If you’ve been at your company for a while, you might have the option of working from home at least a few days a week. Since you will then be making the long commute less often, it will seem much more bearable. Explain to your boss your reasons for living far from your job, such as not wanting to relocate your family, and hopefully, your company will be accommodating.