Drunk Guy


It’s promising to be a wild night. The party just got started, and the bar is going to be open all night long, which means free all-night drinking. You’ve had a long day or week, and you want to tie one on. Majorly. But here’s the gotcha: you don’t want to get sick. A hangover is a definite no-no because you’ve got to go to work tomorrow fresh as the morning dew. Relax-here are six tips to help you get through the night.


Eat a full meal to mitigate the potency of the booze. If you do not have time to eat, at least chow down on the buffalo wings, bite-sized quesadillas and nachos. Because food acts as a buffer to the alcohol, it slows down the effect. Thus, you are able to drink more! Along with your food, be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid alcohol dehydration.

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Wait until late in the evening to drink any hard liquor. Start with a light beer or wine and drink those for a couple of hours. Later in the evening you can move to on to rum, gin, vodka,or other hard booze. When you do move to the hard stuff, it is advised to drink a non-alcoholic beverage between each hard drink.




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Drink ONLY wine coolers. And sip them, do not guzzle one after the other. Don’t get into a chug-a-lug contest. The ratio of alcohol is quantitatively lower than hard booze, but still with enough punch that you can get a buzz. But if you are contemplating breaking the record on the number of wine coolers downed in five minutes, the hangover you’ll get  will make you live to regret it.


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Avoid drinking the hard stuff “neat” or “straight”.  That means do not take straight booze. But alternately, do not  mix alcohol with an energy drink. The combination of the two will intensify the alcoholic sensation-not moderate it. Also, most energy drinks are laced with caffeine. Combined with alcohol, this can help to create a monster hangover. Ask for your drinks on the rocks or mixed with seltzer throughout the night. If you get a rum with Coke, ask for a greater ratio of Coke to rum. As the night progresses, you can gradually increase the alcohol content.



Do not mix hard drinks. Mixing a night of different hard drinks or playing swicheroo is practically a guarantee to get wasted-fast. If you start with gin, stay with gin. Don’t switch from a Martini to a Margarita only to shift to a Mojito. By the way, mixed sweet drinks are deadly. They taste flavorful as dessert, and while drinking several may not show an obvious effect right away, your blood levels will argue otherwise. If you like sweet drinks…space…them…out…slowly.