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Breaking the news of a cheating girlfriend to one of your best buddies is never easy. It’s doubly as hard if he’s all head over heels in love. You know, the guy’s got hearts falling out of his ears and bleeding love songs from his ears. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but these six ways to tell a friend about his cheating girlfriend will at least be slightly entertaining to you. Just make sure to duck, your friend might start swinging.


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Surprise party… with “presents.” Invite your buddy over to your place, and have him bring his cheating little horned angel. Turn out the lights. When they both walk in, yell surprise!!! Have your house decorated with banners claiming that his woman is a cheat. Also, make sure the invited guests are all girls that are interested in your buddy. If you can, provide your friend with some sort of evidence backing up your claim.


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Do it with a song. If you know your friend’s lady is sleeping around, write him a song about it. Make sure you perform it while she’s there so the two of you can enjoy the embarrassment as it takes over her cute little face. Oh yeah, make sure to provide the evidence because she’ll no doubt try to deny it.



At a strip club. What better way to let your friend know he should be back on the market than by burying his face in a strippers boobs. After a few beers and lap dances, this guy’ll be thinking about is the dancers, not is soon-to-be ex. The best part is, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself too! Sounds like a win-win situation. Oh, and when he sobers up, remind him about that whole “his girlfriend’s a cheater” thing.

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Do it Reality TV style. Why not tail his lady to one of her extramarital outings? Catch everything you can on your smartphone. Upload the video to your computer and do the necessary edits. Now, this is a two step process. First, show your buddy. After he’s calmed down, show his cheating girlfriend, and all of her friends via an anonymous upload to whatever social networking site she belongs to. Yes!



Play the caring friend role. Chances are, ole lover boy will be quite the broken soul for a time. Be that shoulder to cry on. Be that listening ear. All the while, in the back of your mind you should be planning the biggest release party known to man. Throw the kid back into the pool without his water-wings. It may take him a few minutes, but he’ll remember how to swim soon enough.


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Over his favorite activity. If he loves killing zombies on that new videogame, tell him then. If he likes working out, tell him then (as long as he’s not on the weight bench at the time). The point is, wait till he’s at a happy place, to lessen the blow you’ll cause. It wouldn’t make sense to break it to him right after he got fired, now would it?