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Workaholics and lazy people alike can save time and money on expensive health clubs and exercise classes by working out on the job. A little creative thinking and compact equipment can turn your cubicle into a private gym and whip you into shape on the company dime. Try these 6 simple ways to get a good workout at work, and you’ll be looking good and feeling great while conserving precious time and dollars.

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Ditch the elevator – You can start your at-work workout before you even clock-in for the day. Start by parking a few blocks away to get in a nice warm up walk on your way into work. And just what do you think inspired the “Stair Master”? That’s right, stairs! If you work in an office building or anywhere on an upper or lower level floor, forget about elevators and escalators and head for the stairwell. If part of workload requires running files, packages, or anything else, take the stairs. You can even get some exercise in at lunch and break-time just running up and down the stairwells.

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Free weights – Build those biceps and triceps without even leaving your chair! Just keep a couple of 3, 5 or 10 pound free weights under your desk. Every hour or so, just take a five minute break to get a few reps in. Hell, if you’re not using your hands for anything, work out while you work. This is particularly useful to customer service agents or call center employees who wear headsets and talk for prolonged periods without typing. Pump them guns while you chat up your clients!

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Stationary pedal – If your job requires you to remain seated for extended periods, or even all day, you can get a great cardio workout in anytime throughout your shift. Invest $20 to $30 in a good stationary bicycle pedal and you can virtually train for bicycle marathon right in your cubicle. These babies work just as well as a stationary or traditional bicycle, slide right under your desk and work with any type of seating arrangement. Unless of course you’re seated on a bar stool, which is pretty unlikely at work.

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Thigh Master – Well thank you Suzanne Somers for this little gem! Small enough to fill in a file cabinet yet powerful enough to produce thighs of steel when used regularly. No hands required! Just slide yourself up to your desk and squeeze away all day. Your clients, coworkers and supervisors will be none the wiser. Unless of course they have crawled underneath your desk, in which case a chat with human resources is order.

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Swivel chair abdominals – Let’s not forget the importance of the abdominal and oblique muscles. You won’t get a six-pack washboard belly by sitting around drinking coffee all day. If you have a reclining swivel desk chair, turn that bad-boy into an abdominal workout machine. Rock back and forth to work your abdomen and twist from side to side to strengthen your obliques. Spin around in circles a few times too. That won’t burn calories or build muscle, it’s just fun.

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Stress and stability balls – There is never a time or place when it is inappropriate to play with your balls, and we all know that it’s always fun. Clearly we are speaking of stress and stability balls (or not). Spend some time at your desk sitting on a stability ball instead of a chair to help stretch your legs and back. Stress balls promote arm strength and relieve tension. Just think, you can squeeze the hell out them imagining your troublesome boss, coworkers or clients and strengthen your hands, wrists and arms, too!