The best winter drinks are found with the words beer or lager on the label. Take it from a licensed bartender. The next six beer and lager winter drinks are like no other seasonal beverage with a splash of class in a glass, taste to embrace, and a robust you can trust. Enjoy one of these winter drinks and you just may wish to spring through summer and fall into winter, over and over again.


Samuel Adams Winter Lager by Boston Beer Company. This is by far one of my personal favorites. The lager is thick enough to go down smooth. The alcohol content seemingly matches that of Yuengling in various ways. The difference is truly in taste however. Sam Adams has hints of ginger and cinnamon with a ruby color that is best described by Sam Adams makers as rich and full tasting. I concur.


Samuel Adams Winter Mix Pack by Boston Beer Company. The pack includes Old Fezziwig (spiced) Ale, (dark, smooth) Holiday Porter, Chocolate Bock replaced the fruity Cranberry Lambic, and Cream Stout was replaced by White Ale.  Holiday Porter is a British style beer with robust taste. Chocolate Bock is more of a malty chocolate flavor. White Ale is crafted with ten spices and used to be a Spring delight until introduced to the Winter Mix.


Blackout Stout by Great Lakes Brewing Company. Named for the 2003 North America blackout, this four pack Russian Imperial Stout is only sold between November to January. An Imperial Stout has hints of well rounded aroma. Blackout Stout thickens classic flavor.

Christmas Ale Bottle.jpg

Christmas Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Company. Christmas Ale is a Cleveland favorite and is sold between December and January. Unlike other Ales, Christmas Ale has a full refreshing flavor to assist in going down smooth. A great Ale to toast on Christmas Eve.


Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. This Ale is sold only during winter months and uses a dry-hopped technique. Known to many as one of the best beers made in the U.S.A., Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is robust and rich with that classic Ale touch to warm any cold winter night.  Alcohol content is 6.8% by volume (ABV).


Bush Noel by Dubuisson. Bush Noel (Bush de Noel) is a Belgium favorite formed with caramel malt which is also a dry-hopped brew. The reddish amber appeal is attractive to many Americans. This tasty 12% ABV drink is only sold at the end of the year.