Go West, young man. The way of your fathers and grandfathers.  Americans have been going on road trips since before the Oregon Trail. We used to do hitch our wagon to horses and oxen. Now our road companions are tape decks and Twizzlers. Here are 7 of the best road trip cars.


Ford Fusion Hybrid – Gas? We don’t need no stinking gas. US News ranked it the #1 Hybrid car. Save Mother Earth while saving some money. Also you’re buying American. So you’re saving Uncle Sam too.


Winnebago ERA Motorhomes – The classic road trip vehicle. You don’t have to hold it until the next rest stop because you can pee in these! Winnebago was Algonquin for “people of the smelly water” And now we have vehicles that carry around a tank of bodily waste. Is there any water smellier than urine?


Cadillac Coupe de Ville – Hey, Ford Fusion Hybrid can we have all that gas you’re not using? Production started in 1959. Every year that passed these cars got less desirable. Until they stopped being made in 1993. The 6th and final generation of the car started in 1985 is a mockery of an American classic. However, they had a good run up to that point. These cars, pre 1985, were massive. Whales that you could drive. They were made to have sex in.


1968 Dodge Charger – As bad ass as the Coupe de Ville is comfortable and stylish. This is a demon muscle car spewed out from the underworld to terrorize the back roads of America forever. Also you can find a used one at an affordable price. So it’s a reasonably priced demon.


Volkswagen Type 2 – Also known as the Volkswagen bus or the hippie van. Holds the record for most “gas, ass or grass” bumper stickers. I get high just looking at it. Lots of custom paint jobs can be found for it by doing a “hippie van” image search.


Ford Country Squire – The car in National Lampoon’s Vacation was based off of this station wagon. It’s an ugly beast with faux wood paneling. This is a classic road trip movie though and station wagons are quite functional for long rides. Think of all that extra room to store coolers and snacks.


Ford Mustang Convertible – Few things are as enjoyable as a long drive on the open road with the top down on a convertible. We’re going with the Mustang here but really any convertible would apply. Sunglasses and the wind in your hair are a fantastic way to get to your far off destination.

-By Jim Brennan