Let’s face it: most women love Valentine’s Day, and for your gifts to produce a gigantic smile, you’ve got to deliver beyond a card, flowers and candy. To switch things up, consider the shiny, sweet, sexy and shoe-oriented routes. The following options are sure to make your lovely lady feel happy, special and, um, generous.

Shiny: If you’re thinking of jewelry, get something tasteful that doesn’t reek of “$99 Valentine’s Special” at your local mall jewelry store. Stay away from jewelry sets. They scream “good value,” and when it comes to jewelry, good value never equals special. Best bet: Paloma’s Venezia Stella Earrings ($175) from Tiffany & Co. When you hand her the little robin’s egg blue box, the look on her face alone will be worth it.

Sweet: Not all women like chocolate, but every women likes to be pampered. Consider Philosophy gift sets ($25–$32), delicious combos of bath and body products that come in lots of different varieties. If you give her a set with her favorite scents, she’ll know you appreciate the little things she likes, and that scores lots of points.

Sexy: Whatever you buy from the lingerie shop, have it gift wrapped. And to set your lady up for success, be realistic about what she likes. If you know she is the conservative type, buy her something modest, like a Betsey Johnson Chiffon Pajama Set ($69, left). If she is the wild type, you can go a little more risqué, like a Victoria’s Secret Halter Babydoll ($39, right).

Shoes: If your girl loves shoes, and most girls do, buy her a sexy pair and tell her to wear them to bed. She’ll be so happy you bought her shoes, and you’ll be happy to see her in only them. This won’t work with any type of shoes, though. You need to buy something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. Think high-end heels from brands like B Brian Atwood ($325, left), Christian Louboutin ($775, center) and YSL ($795, right). You’ll love how they look pointed toward the ceiling…