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Yes, they generally have bad skin, poor posture and terrible dental hygiene but sometimes the Brits can produce some quite charming, sexy and beautiful dames, that are made 100 percent hotter just by their accents. I mean even Judi Dench was a looker back in her prime, and don’t forget this is the same country that produced both Pippa Middleton and the future Queen of England, her older sister Kate. However some British gals have made the leap onto the silver screen, and here is a list of the seven hottest British actresses who are accented and hot.

Carey Mulligan. 

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Carey endeared herself to the entire world with her innocent portrayal in 2009’s “An Education.” She has even been known to show her wilder side in sexy scenes in both “When Did You Last See Your Father” and “The Greatest.”

Keira Knightley. 

Keira Knightley  Hot Actresses From Europe

Since catching the world’s attention in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy, Keira has looked to show her more serious side with mature roles in “The Edge of Love” and “A Dangerous Method,” in which she explores the world of lesbianism and S&M, a feat only Madonna has achieved in main stream pop culture.

Kate Winslet. 


“Titanic” integrated Kate Winslet into pop culture folklore and every teenage boy immediately started to enhance their drawing skills just in case they found themselves in the same predicament as Jack Dawson.

Emily Blunt. 

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A worthy addition to the list of sexy British actresses, Emily Blunt has the most beautiful pair of eyes in modern cinema and has fluttered them in such films as “Wolfman” and “The Adjustment Bureau.” But her underwear clad cameo in “Charlie Wilson’s War” is definitely a scene worth searching for.

Emma Watson. 

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Having watched little Hermione, err Emma, grow into a fine young woman, it always feels rather peculiar to discuss her blossoming beauty. But its there and everyone can see it. Her body of work is sure to continue to develop and evolve…it just got creepy again, didn’t it?

Rebecca Hall. 

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Rebecca has recently starred in a deluge of critically acclaimed films including “The Town’ and “Frost/Nixon” where her natural beauty and English demeanor help to cool all of the tension that these dramas are packed with. 

Helen Mirren. 

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Yes, she’s as old as your grandmother, but every single male in the world has found himself intrigued by the odd sexual dalliance that Helen holds. It’s even gotten to the point where the term GILF (as in Grandma) is constantly associated with her.