Planning a career takes careful thought, consideration and training; or you can throw that whole headache out the window and simply opt for one of the seven careers that will get you laid. Ladies love a working man to begin with, and if you’re working in a highly-desirable field you’ll end up a highly desirable guy. There are still ways you could mess up and go home alone, but these seven careers give you a head start toward the bedroom.

derek jeter pro athlete

Pro athlete. Basketball, football, baseball. It doesn’t matter what you play, being a pro athlete is a career that will get you laid. Your enticements typically include loads of muscle, loads of fans and loads of money, not to mention bragging rights for the lucky conquest. This only works, however, if you don’t end up as front page news for doing drugs during games or running a dog fighting ring.

rockstar vampire weekend

Rock star. Not only will a rock star career get you laid, but it comes with a special set of fans who have dedicated their lives to just that purpose. Meet your groupies. Unlike the pro athlete career, you don’t necessarily have to be in the big time to get laid. You can be in a garage band and still reap the benefits. Just being on “stage” will make you a star in some lusty lady’s eyes.


Firefighter. Muscles, dedication, and the ability to leap with pets and small children from a burning building in a single bound put firefighters on the same wavelength as Superman. Superman always got laid. And you don’t even have to wear those silly red tights.

construction worker

Construction worker. A career in construction is another surefire way to get laid. Like the firefighter, you end up with lots of big, sweaty muscles. And big, sweaty muscles are always a turn on. Unlike the firefighter though, you don’t have to leap from burning buildings to impress someone. Although you do have your own set of hazards if you are unbalanced on a scaffold or have bad aim with a nail gun.


Bartender. A bartender is a natural career choice for getting laid, as you have the whole scenario already set for you. Your job is to serve drinks to lonely people and listen to their problems. You will not only get laid, but your customers may actually fall in love with you.


Artist. Regardless of if you’re any good or not, the fact that you are emotional enough to translate your thoughts, feelings and ideas to canvas makes you prime material for getting laid. Drawing stick figures doesn’t count. You get extra points, and perhaps even breakfast in bed, if you are brooding and partly psychotic.


Cowboy. Rough and rugged translates to sweet and sexy if you are lucky enough to pursue a career as a cowboy. These guys still exist, although not in great numbers, and their rarity makes them all the more desirable. Riding horses out on the plains definitely gives you a better chance of getting laid than say, crunching numbers inside a cubicle.