Cheap eats in Miami don’t have to involve Cuban food. If you’ve been in Miami long, you’re probably sick of that garbage. Here you’ll find an excellent assortment of dirt cheap Miami restaurants for any type of palate. Most of them are known not only for being cheap, but also for being good.

Tasty Choices Cafe

chicken wrap.jpg

This downtown Miami coffee shop has some mighty fine wraps for less than six dollars, including grilled chicken, turkey and veggie. The sandwich menu is quite extensive. You’ll likely spend five or six dollars on one of those. With the money you save on cheap eats, you can get wired on quadruple espresso shots or feel like a million bucks after a mango-banana-strawberry-OJ-honey-pineapple smoothie. Tasty Choices is at 215 N. Miami Ave. downtown. (305) 379-8400.

T&W Substantial Subs

Avoid this place like the plague during the lunch rush if you have somewhere to be. Tons of bargain diners flock here for dirt cheap sandwiches like the Chicken Bomb. Unlike some sub chains with a line of ingredients and a microwave, they actually have a grill on site. Have it your way with a cheeseburger sub grilled to your liking. Along with your sub, enjoy some seasoned fries. Make your way over to 5616 167th St. in Miami or call (305) 622-9277.

El Paseo Catracho

Well, it has a Spanish sounding name, and it’s in Little Havana, but it ain’t Cuban. This Honduran hole in the wall has a cheap breakfast menu with many items well under five bucks. Full dinners are often below ten dollars. Food quality gets mixed reviews with some people raving and others saying yuck. The yuckers are probably just snobs anyway. Give it a try at 824 SW 8th St. in Little Havana, Miami. Call (305) 854-2705.

Daily Bread Marketplace

You want to fill up on lots of Middle Eastern food for under $10? The usual falafel and hummus sandwiches are in the five dollar range, and the meatier items like kabobs are just a little bit more. Add just a couple more bucks to any of these items, and you have yourself a full platter. If you want to make your own dinner the next day, shop at their Middle Eastern grocery store. Daily Bread is at 2400 SW 27th St. in Miami. (305) 856-0363.

Kon Chau Restaurant

Some of you crybabies would probably gripe if this list didn’t contain a Chinese option. Stop crying because this is one hell of a cheap Chinese restaurant. According to one reviewer who’s been to China, it’s authentic, too. Most seem to like the food but claim the atmosphere is a bit divey. Most full entrees are under ten bucks, and there are cheapskate options, too. People never complain about portion sizes. Get on over to 8376 SW 40th St. or call (305) 553-7799.

Raja’s Indian Cuisine

Tasty Indian entrees for well under ten bucks is what you’ll find at what is possibly the cheapest Indian restaurant in Miami. Many rave about the food, but there are some naysayers on the internet as well. Lots of folks agree that the food is authentic and the place is a little divey. Don’t be afraid of divey holes in the wall, though. They are usually your best shot at a good meal. Visit Raja’s at 33 NE 2nd Ave. or call (305) 539-9551.

Dogma Grill

Despite the name, you won’t have to worry about anyone asking you who your lord and savior is at this delicious and cheap hot dog joint. Most doggies are four to five dollars with the most expensive being the Burrito Dog for about six. That one’s a monster double dog wrapped in a tortilla with all the fixings you would expect in a good burrito. If you bring your vegetarian friends, they’ll be happy to know that veggie dogs are available. If you’re in the Upper East Side, go to 7030 Biscayne Rd. or call (305) 759-3433.