Insert type of alcohol here and Coke. This is a common order at a bar because Coke has such a unique, powerful taste that it can successfully mask the bite of just about any alcohol and make it suddenly taste delicious-nevermind that it may be worse for you than the booze itself. Coke works if you want to drink a lot of something over the course of an evening, get drunk and stay awake at the same time. However, rum and Coke, Jack and Coke, and all the other standard “and Coke” drinks can get tiring after a bit. Check out these seven “and Coke” cocktails you have never heard of or had.


Cuba Libre. You may have heard of this, but never really known what it is. While technically it’s a rum and Coke, if you order a Cuba Libre at a bar, it had better be with some of the finest rum on the menu. Only a splash of Coke is really necessary, but the addition of the lime is key to the liberation of Cuba. Who wouldn’t drink to that?


Monk on Coke. You’ve probably never had this or heard of this Coke drink because you don’t have Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, or at least don’t admit to anyone you do. Pour a shot and a half of the liqueur over ice and then fill the rest of the glass with Coca Cola to make your drinking delicious for the evening. It will also probably leave you with a rough hangover.


Creeper Coke. It’s tough to say whether the name of this drink implies you become a creeper, or it creeps up on you. Maybe both? Either way, it’s strong and pretty decent, if you like sugar. A shot and a half of vodka and two shots of coconut rum should be mixed with about half a can of Coke. It evidently pairs well with Nilla wafers.


Columbian Coke. This is not as bad as it sounds. Or as good, depending on who you are. This strong Coke cocktail will numb you almost as much as the narcotic it is named after. Over three to four ice cubes, pour a shot of vodka, a shot of licorice Pernod, a shot of rum, a shot of coffee liqueur and about three to four ounces of Coke. You’ll still end up talking to someone you probably don’t care about, though.


Boogie Coke. This one sounds like it was made up by some high school kid who stumbled across a magic elixir, but it’s the real deal. Take one shot of Chivas scotch whiskey, one shot of absolute vodka, half a shot of Grand Marnier orange and half a shot of Beefeater gin and mix in about a shot of grenadine syrup. Then add six ounces of Coke and mix well. You’ll boogie after each one.


Jamaican Coke. Another Coke cocktail named after a country, Jamaican coke is more complex than you might think. Of course, there are two shots of Myer’s dark run, but also a half ounce of cherry brandy, a dash of molasses and most of a can of Coke. Be forewarned: this drink is pretty heavy.


Chocolate Coke. In a twist on the well-known Vanilla Coke, Chocolate Coke is impossible to sell in stores to kids, but easy to order at the bar. Simply mix two shots of Bacardi white rum, two shots of Kahlua and six ounces of Coke together well to make the delicious drink. No actual chocolate is included-sorry, ladies.