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Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to both rock, and be funny at the same time. And that doesn’t take into account unintentionally funny bands, like Creed, who are laughable for their ineptitude. It’s tricky to be funny, given that comedy is such a subjective thing, but it can be done. The seven groups discussed below offer up undeniable truth of this statement. After all, we don’t need to always take music so doggone seriously.


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Tenacious D. Tenacious D is basically Jack Black being Jack Black. Sure, he’s a movie comedy star. However, we all know he loves to rock. Just watchSchool of Rock” to see the real Jack Black in action. This duo is ever in search of the perfect rock & roll. They’re not really that good, but we don’t care because we’re laughing at them so much! And Black’s ultra-energetic performances are definitely a sight to behold.



Flight of the Conchords. This is a New Zealand-based duo that ended up on HBO. Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement combine music with comedy. It all started as a BBC radio series. Now, this is the hippest rock-comedy act out there. Their musicianship is solid, even if their humor is a bit off-beat.



Spinal Tap. “Hello Cleveland!” and “This goes up to 11” are just a few of the catch phrases that came out of this mock documentary. Based on the adventures of real heavy metal rock bands, this made-up group is so bad they’re good. And very funny, too. Their whole odyssey is must-see viewing for anyone who’s ever dabbled in music, and even non-musicians will get a kick out of antic of the Tap. They’ve even had guest spots on a number of popular shows, like “SNL” and “The Simpsons.”


The Rutles. Any true music fan will guess that The Rutles are actually a send-up of The Beatles. They started a legend that would last a lunchtime, as the movie description goes. Even if you dearly love The Beatles, you’ll still dig this one. In fact, George Harrison was involved in the making of the film. Thankfully, he could also laugh at himself. And their signature song, “All You Need Is Cash,” is a tremendous send-up of one of the best musical acts in the history of the world.



They Might Be Giants. This band is worth listening to, whether they’re making comedy music or not. They can be very funny. They sing about building birdhouses in hearts, and other tasks that most self-respecting ‘serious’ acts never seem to get around to. TMBG are very talented musicians with a seemingly endless catalog of albums, so there’s shortage of great stuff to choose from. Do yourself a favor and dive in.



Dead Milkmen. Songs like “Bitchin‘ Camaro,” “Stuart,” and others paint this punk rock band as funnier than your average revolutionary act. They’ll make you laugh more than The Clash will, that’s for sure. Even if they’re a lot rougher around the edges than The Clash, you can’t deny their passion for punk and their ridiculous humor.



Weezer. Rivers Cuomo leads this quite serious band, although he can also be intentionally and unintentionally funny, as well. Some people even think the band is a joke. Ah, but we know better. While they can sometimes be a little, or even more than a little goofy, they’re a very talented group and they’ve had long careers that date back to the glory days of early ‘90s college radio.