7. Computerized voices on all the new songs
If I hear another T-Pain song again I am going to fill my ears with that foam stuff that fills cracks and insulates. There are still people on the radio that can actually sing but they are being surrounded by computerized people that can’t sing. I love Snoop Dogg as much as the next guy but what has the world come to when his new song is all singing and barely rapping. It’s become a producers game. Now I have to search for talent. It’s gotten so bad I actually have to turn to American Idol to see real singers.

6. The US thinking that handouts are the answer
People are going to have to start learning to take care of themselves. We don’t like what happens in the rest of the world so we go out and try to fix it. Our economy starts struggling and we want to hand everyone money and say “go spend”. Remember that old saying about give a fish or fishing pole thing? We keep giving everyone fish

5. Celebrities are more important than any other news
I love celebrity gossip and read it every day. What disturbs me is the fact it has become front page news. Every year it creeps up further in the newspaper and on the nightly news. Sports used to be America’s past time, now it’s Hollywood

4. Those images, moving graphics, and things at the bottom of the TV shows
I am paying to watch TV now because of cable and satellite. DO NOT block my view of the program I am trying to watch by promoting one of your other programs at the bottom or top of my screen. I didn’t get the free internet in the 90’s because that same problem and I certainly don’t want it now. It is rude

3. Dumbing down my web sites for my phone
Let my phone improve, don’t dumb down the website. Google has done a great job of adjusting the display, but many others change over to that awful Blackberry type layout. I’ve been waiting for 10 years to have a phone that could truly surf the web. I finally get the iPhone and then I go to the site and the graphics have all been taken away. I’m sure when I can finally run javascript they’ll take it all off because it will slow down a Kyocera phone

2. The Exaggerated tendency toward pessimism
The internet is overwhelmingly negative. I still find plenty of optimism, kindness, and courteous people all over the internet and TV but you have to search harder and harder. One thing I have found. The successful bloggers and entrepreneurs all tend to be hard working and nice people. To make things work you have to have followers and network. It is hard to lead and work with others if you’re always Debbie Downer. Other than the Spears girl screwing things up, Disney great shows for kids, promotes positivity and I actually find myself watching with my daughter because its just plain goofy positive comedy like the old days.

1. The Alarming Growth in the National Debt
Our national debt stands at $8.7 trillion, nearly $30,000 for every person breathing in the United States. At $1.3 billion per day the lack of fiscal restraint scares me to death. As a Republican I used to feel the deficit wasn’t a big deal because we were borrowing from ourselves but things have changed. Nearly $2 trillion of this debt is owed to foreign entities, mostly Japan and China. It’s no wonder the dollar is in a free fall and the Fed has to work every day to fight off inflation. What most people don’t realize is that interest payback is now the third largest outlay for the government after social outlay and of course, military spending.