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For men, sex is physical performance, so take care of your body like a top athlete. Gain strength to command the situation in the bedroom, increase your cardiovascular stamina to last longer and fine tune your, uh, penis muscle like a fine instrument. Here are seven exercises for sex every man should do.


Cardio. Blood flows in, keeps you hard, and then, after all is said and done, blood flows out. Strengthen your cardiovascular system, and you strengthen your body’s ability to pump blood. Do at least twenty minutes of any cardio exercise three days per week to enjoy harder hard-ons. Plus, you’ll last longer for those early relationship marathon sessions.


Pushups. Can’t do a traditional pushup? Start by doing one standing, against a wall. Then get down on your hands and knees until you can achieve the hand-and-toe version. Do three sets of twelve to fifteen a day to ensure that you won’t crush her in the missionary position.


Abs. Your abdominal muscles are directly responsible for your thrust, so get on your back and do some traditional crunches everyday: three to five sets of fifteen to twenty reps. If you want an extra power boost, then lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted firmly on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Start by slowly raising your butt off the ground, followed by every vertebrae, one by one until it’s just your shoulders and feet holding you up like a bridge. Do three sets of fifteen bridges per day.


Deadlifts. Strengthening your legs is the quickest way to increase your desire. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend over. Pick up a bar or a pair of dumbbells on the ground in front of your feet and lift them with your legs slightly bent, then straighten your back. The weight should be held on the front of your thighs. Pause for a second, then slowly lower the weight back to the ground. That’s one rep. Do three sets of ten reps. It is highly recommended you seek a fitness professional to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly.


Torso Side Bends. Stand with your feet directly under your shoulders holding one dumbbell in your right hand like a suitcase. Bend at the waist, pushing your upper body directly to your right to lower the weight to your knee area and slowly come back up. Do two sets of ten reps on each side of your body for better control in the bedroom.


Pull Her Close. Any pushing and pulling exercise will increase your control in bed as well as your ability to pull her close. Go to your local gym and find the machines for lateral pull-downs, lateral raises, rows, and peck fly. Do three sets of ten on each. To increase your cardio at the same time, do them in a circuit with no rest in between. Complete ten reps on the pull-down machine, then immediately go to the raises, then to the rows and flys. Repeat this circuit three times through.

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Strengthen Your Penis Muscle. Kegels. That’s right, they aren’t just for new mothers. Did you know that you can control your ejaculation, have multiple orgasms and shoot like Peter North if you strengthen your Kegel muscles? That muscle in between your legs that contracts when you cum: squeeze that muscle like you’re holding in pee, and hold it for three seconds. Release and relax for three seconds, then repeat. Do three sets of fifteen reps each day.