When you’re as geeky as us, you love looking for new technology and weird gadgets on the market. Having the newest phone, the coolest TV and the best sound system in your apartment before anybody else just makes you feel a little bit empowered. Nobody can deny that we don’t necessarily need all the new geeky gadgets we buy, but here are seven of the coolest, geekiest gadgets that every geek out there is pining over but doesn’t really need.

Cellulon Virtual Keyboard


Truly a revolutionary device, this Cellulon virtual keyboard is a keyboard that is projected out of a small “magic box”, the size of a small cell phone. The magic box hooks up to your device: mobile phone, laptop, tablet or anything with a Bluetooth. When you type onto the projected keyboard, you are actually typing on your device! We know that you really want this James Bond-type gadget, but the truth is, you’ll barely ever use it.

iMobile’s Cell Phone Watch


They finally did it. They’re finally letting geeks like us feel like spies and secret agents! You know you don’t need it, but you also know you really want it—iMobile just came out with a new touch screen watch with a built in cell phone. You slip in a tiny SIM card, and you’re ready for business. It also lets you stream movies, listen to music and even manage business appointments.

Irikon Flash Memory


The Irikon flash memory device looks like any other USB. The only difference is, it scans your iris before use and won’t unlock until it has confirmed that it is you and not someone else trying to access it. We know you want to purchase this, if only just for the sake of feeling like Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible” for a moment, but unless you’re guarding government secrets, leave this one for the real secret agents.

Intelliscanner Mini


If you truly are a geek, you will have a lot of gadgets, CDs, movies and other items lying around the house. If you don’t have it all organized like Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” and are a little more messy like us, you will want the Intelliscanner Mini. It can scan anything with a barcode, so now you can have everything you’ve ever purchased in a catalog. It helps you organize your items by making a library on your computer.

Alauno Self Cleaning Toilet


Okay, so this one is something you definitely do not need, but with this self cleaning toilet would really save you time cleaning so you could get back to your videogames. This high tech toilet made by Matsushita Electric is a tank-less unit with a self cleaning organic toilet bowl. It also has a built in light so you don’t make a mess in the night and a sound system to drown out unpleasant sounds.

USB Mini Vacuum


We have to admit, this geeky gadget is quite adorkable! You hook it up to your laptop through the USB port and vacuum out any dust, crumbs or dirt on your laptop, in the keys or around it. Its only twenty dollars, but we all know it would be just as easy to just wipe up the potato chip crumbs or brush out the dust from your keyboard.



A KeyCarbon looks just like any USB memory device, but instead of storing data, it records every keystroke you make. You know those times when somebody borrows your laptop and deletes their history? Well with the key carbon, you can log into your computer after they leave and find out exactly what they did. Then again, you don’t really need to dish out a couple hundred bucks for those rare times of mild curiosity.