Some celebrities look at relationships as disposable entities. As soon as one member of the celebrity couple decides that the relationship has run its course, the end is near. When a celebrity wants somebody new, it’s not difficult to find one. But male stars can hit the jackpot when they find the right celebrity girlfriends who make their remarkable lives even better. Some guys have all the luck, don’t they. Life is better when you’re famous, and these celebrity girlfriends are proof positive.

Anna Kournikova. The one-time tennis hottie is still a super-attractive television host who appeared on “The Biggest Loser” and helped overweight contestants try to lose weight with diet and exercise. She has been dated and wooed by singer Enrique Iglesias, who has written about her in the lyrics of his songs. Iglesias clearly has his pick of women, and Kournikova has to feel lucky to get him.

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Kristen Stewart. The star of the Twilight Saga dates Robert Pattinson. While the two shared their affection while filming the movie “Breaking Dawn” their relationship appears to be real when the cameras aren’t there. While Pattinson is often considered for the top roles offered to young Hollywood stars and could have his pick of any actress he wants, he has chosen his co-star in the mega-franchise for all teenage girls.

Minka Kelly. One of the most beautiful actresses in on the small screen or in the movies, Kelly’s on-again, off-again relationship with Derek Jeter appears to be back on track. Jeter has been one of New York‘s leading hounds in addition to being one of the greatest Yankees of all-time, but he appears to be in love with the stunning Kelly. He could have his choice of anyone and he appears to have found one of the most adoring and beautiful actresses.

Jessica Biel. If you want to go for the celebrity girlfriend who will always look her best and constantly take your breath away with her sexiness, it’s hard to imagine a more desirable candidate than Biel. She has made life so much more enjoyable for fiance Justin Timberlake and that’s quite a statement because he has been associated with many of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Each one could easily find another mate if they decided to split up, but it’s hard to imagine that life would be better for Timberlake if he wasn’t sharing it with Biel.

Catherine Zeta Jones Hot Actresses From Europe

Catherine Zeta-Jones. Michael Douglas was one of the most active and happiest bachelors in all of Hollywood until he met Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones. After meeting and going out with her, Douglas decided to put away his sword and marry her. Zeta-Jones has incredible eyes, a great face and a near-perfect body. Douglas figured he would never find a girlfriend who exceeds Jones and he married her. That’s probably the best choice Douglas will ever make, the lucky S.O.B.

Faith Hill. She’s been one of the top country stars and is one of the most beautiful singers in the industry. Actor and singer Tim McGraw put away his bachelor status after he met Hill and they got serious together right away. McGraw always seems to have a smile on his face and it’s easy to see why when you get a look at Hill’s stunning face and spectacular body.

Penelope Cruz Hot Actresses From Europe

Penelope Cruz. One of the most spectacular bodies in all of Hollywood, this star has been dating Javier Bardem since they met while filming “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” in 2007. This couple has been very successful at keeping a low profile and they seem to know how to avoid prying eyes. It’s hard to imagine how life could be better for Bardem when he has Cruz as his girlfriend.