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It can happen during high school, college and once you are in the working world. You meet a woman and you like her and you are attracted to her. She likes you also, just not in “that way.” She wants to be friends. When many of your friends meet women, they end up in bed with them or never seeing them again. But you have cultivated a friendship with this woman, hoping you can change her thinking. Here are seven ideas for turning a friend into a girlfriend.

Go Out With Other Women. You may want to turn your ideal woman into your girlfriend, but you are not going to sit idly by waiting for her to change her mind. Not only does that waste your time, it’s counterproductive. If she sees you going out with other girls and having a good time, she may start to wonder what you are like as a boyfriend. If you just go out with the guys and drink beers and dream about her, it won’t do you any good.



Flirt With Her. You don’t have to overdo it (in fact you shouldn’t), but let her know you are a man who is interested in her. You are not a male girlfriend who is going to take her shopping. You want to show her you are funny, clever and sexy. You can do this by flirting and throwing out the occasional compliment.

Listen To Her. When she is talking, are you listening to her or are you just scheming ways to get her into bed? Do you really like her or do you just think she is hot? The chances are you really do like her, but your feelings get overwhelmed by your desire. Listen to what she has to say and have real conversations. Don’t just mouth platitudes and say what you think she wants to hear.


Pride in your appearance. You may not be her boyfriend, but that does not mean you should wear torn t-shirts, have bad breath and unkempt hair. You are a man, but you don’t have to look like a slob. Shave, wash your hair, use mouthwash and deodorant. Make sure you look good at all times.

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Put on a happy face. If you are pining over a woman you don’t have, you will likely have a long face and seem sad most of the time. However, if you realize there are other aspects of life that should make you happy and that you have plenty to smile about, you are sending a message about yourself. You are a worthwhile and a lot of fun to be around. So when she sees you in a good mood most of the time, she may come to realize that you are a fun person whom she wants to be around.

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Not every day. If you are going to get her to change her thinking about you, don’t spend every day with the object of your affection. You are not a comfortable shoe. Spend two or three days in a row with her and make sure you do a lot of fun things you both enjoy. Then don’t see her for a week. Don’t even call her. Then when you finally pick up the phone or meet up with her, you may notice a change in her attitude because she misses you

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Make your move. Your feelings of attraction for this woman are likely to grow stronger after time. You have shown her what kind of person you are, your overall attitude and your flirtatious nature. It’s time to make your move. If she responds, you have ended up getting what you wanted. If she tells you that it’s not going to happen and you can only be friends, you have to end the relationship. You have put enough time into it.