It’s hard to even talk about Lincoln now without thinking of Matthew McConaughey musing wistfully in a TV ad that leaves you pondering a lot more than the actual car.

The commercials have taken on a life of their own, serving as fodder for everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Jim Carrey in an SNL skit.

So we came up with seven lines we can imagine him uttering about the Lincoln Continental Concept—one of our favorite reveals at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, which wraps this weekend.

Lincoln Continental Concept

1. On Lincoln reviving the Continental nameplate after nearly 14 years: 

“Heritage isn’t something you rush into. It takes time.”  


Lincoln Continental Concept

2. Regarding subtle design cues, including features like advanced E-Latch door handles hidden in the vehicle’s beltline:

“Making a statement doesn’t have to be loud to get everyone’s attention.”


Lincoln Continental Concept

3. Highlighting the Venetian leather seat and door panels and the new Lincoln badge surrounded by a span of repeating polished aluminum Lincoln Star emblems:

“The details are in the details.”


Lincoln Continental Concept

4. Concerning the apprehension we’ve been hearing about Lincoln being able to pull off an exciting production model of the Continental concept.

“There will always be doubters. It’s your job to prove ’em wrong.”


Lincoln Continental Concept

5. With respect to Lincoln’s new tagline “Quiet Luxury”:

“Being too bold will grow old if you let it get the best of you.”

(Classic McConaughey pause)

“Sometimes it’s best to just let things evolve at a more mature pace.”


Lincoln Continental Concept

6. On the many premium amenities, like the exclusive “Black Label” experience and the Revel Ultima audio system with three surround-sound modes—Stereo, Audience and On-Stage:

“The finer things in life shouldn’t be limited to a select few. That’s the old way of doing things.”


Lincoln Continental Concept

7. Regarding the future of Lincoln as showcased with the new Continental:

“Be sure you know where you’re going. That way, nobody can beat you there.”