For advertisers nowadays, it isn’t enough to win the Super Bowl: You gotta win the conversation the next day. When most fans were concerned whether they’d rather see Grampa Peyton or Cam Newton miserable at the end of the game, just having the standout ad isn’t enough. You need to also make it viral.

You know, the kind of thing people will look up online and share with their friends who somehow missed it. (Note: The passionate can vote for their favorites via a special YouTube AdBlitz page here.)

And while last year it was enough to just have some cutting-edge dadvertising, this year we had a pricy commercial about…

1. Avocados: The thing I really appreciate? We hear from the avocado people maybe once a year. Since 2014 they’ve only made four ads. Which is good. Avocados are expensive enough without a huge advertising budget.

2. Speaking of food, this little throwback joke with a taste of old Hollywood and Willem Dafoe (and Snickers) was sure to be a crowd pleaser. Bonus points for the kooky Canadian cameo at the end…  

3. This Dollar Shave Club bit of silliness is aimed squarely at your date to the Super Bowl party. Ladies, does your man have one of these gross razors in the shower? Question: What exactly is he shaving in there?

4. We just want to say: This AXE rebranding campaign is really doing something for us.

5. Oh, here’s a funny T-Mobile spot with Steve Harvey. I mean, ideally he’d just make a total boob of himself again so we could chuckle and maybe forgive him (a la the great Leno/Letterman Doritos ad from when Leno was ruining Conan’s life). But we’ll take what we can get.

6. Award for the biggest WTF goes to whatever the hell is going on here in this Mountain Dew ad. But, hey, people are talking about it today.

7. One final favorite? For 60 seconds of entertainment in the middle of a so-so game you can’t beat Hyundai’s hiring of Kevin Hart. He’s a funny dude, but it really comes down to just one word: Dadvertising.

P.s.—Boy that Lady Gaga sure has a set of pipes. How about that national anthem, ay? Stunning! Did I mention that I wrote a book about her?