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Guys make mistakes, and they definitely make mistakes when it comes to women. If it were only seven, guys wouldn’t be that bad off, but here are seven mistakes of a more grand fashion that men make when approaching women. Pay attention. You probably do it, too. These so-called social snafus may not be what you think.

The root mistake. The first and most universal of mistakes that men make is more of an internal error then an external slip up. It is, however, the foundation of the multitude of errors guys make subsequently. You assume that a woman’s mind is like a video game. What that means is you assume that there’s some cryptic mental “cheat code” that can be used that will give you total access to every woman’s brain. You are actually subconsciously chauvinistic enough to believe women are such a homogenous group that each member will react with comparable responses to your advances. In your minds, you’ve devolved women from the complex creatures they are into one-dimensional objects to be conquered. In short, you think you can do the same thing with all women to bag them.

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Planning Conversation. Yes, planning conversation. Guys try to plan how a conversation with a new girl will go before they approach her. When the conversation doesn’t go as planned, men will freeze up and not know what to do. Why not listen to her and respond, actually having a real conversation? You’ll get a lot further than following a script she doesn’t even know about.

Bad presentation. Unless you’re at the gym, you have no excuse to look disheveled when approaching women. Here’s a hint: women check you out before you even know they’re doing it, so you might want to make sure your hair is combed, and your teeth aren’t a ghastly yellow color. Oh, and your shoe game has to be on point. Seriously, women look at shoes.

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Trying too hard. If you’re acting too cool for everything, it’s a turn off. Showing off is for losers, or guys that have to compensate for a lack of something (take your pick…penis, money), and women can see through all that. They’ll also respect you more for just being yourself. More importantly, it should be said that if a chick doesn’t dig you for who you are, you don’t need to deal with her anyway.

Playing the numbers game in plain view. At some point in his life, every man has made this blunder. Most guys think like this: if chick number one doesn’t pay attention to me, I’ll move to chick number two. The problem is, other women are watching you do this. Yeah, bonehead, women watch you, especially if they’re interested. So acting like a wolf on the prowl isn’t the best way to make a first impression. How effective do you think your “charm” will be if the woman you’re approaching saw you approach six girls before her?

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Not paying attention. Approaching women doesn’t have to be as hard as guys make it, but the majority of guys don’t know how to read signs. You can avoid failure more often than not if you pay attention to the one you’re approaching. She’ll give you subtle signs of interest, just as she’ll key you in if she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. Open your eyes.

Not being yourself. Women can smell a fake a mile away, and fakers smell like three day old dog poop. Just like trying to hard is a turn off, lying about who you are is equally as bad. You make a better impression simply by being confident in the person that you are. Lying and deceit only lead to failure in the long run. Even if you manage to pluck that bar fly off her seat tonight, one day she’ll see you for the faker you are.