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Sports and trash talk go hand in hand, but who are some of the craziest trash talkers in sports history? There’s no shortage of names to choose from, but some athletes stand out from the crowd. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, these guys made headlines for more than what they accomplished in their chosen sports. It’s tough to narrow the list, but here’s a compilation of seven of the craziest trash talkers in sports history.

Trash Talkers Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett Watch him as he sits on the bench during a Celtics game. Even if you can’t read lips, you can be sure that what he’s saying is unprintable. The man froths at the mouth with rage when he talks trash. His craziest trash talking moment? When he was accused of calling Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient” on the court because of his bout with chemotherapy. He was also voted the NBA’s biggest trash talker by his peers.

Trash Talkers Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali dripped confidence at all times during his career. He was never at a loss for words when it came to dispraging his opponents, usually in crazy and hilarious fashion. He called George Foreman “The Mummy” and rhymed his trash talk, like when he said about Ali-Frazier III: “It’s gonna be a thrilla, and a chilla, and a killa, when I get the Gorilla in Manila.”

Trash Talkers Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens When he’s not having post-game meltdowns, T.O. managed to spit some wild stuff in his career. Before playing the New England Patriots during the 2007 season, the then-Cowboys receiver left the media a note on his locker that read “Getcha Popcorn Ready.” What was crazy about that? The fact that T.O. was a non-factor in the 48-27 beatdown the Pats laid on the ‘Boys.

Trash Talkers John Rocker

John Rocker His career was pretty undistinguished, but he left us a lifetime of crazy trash talk. The man trash talked an entire city when he took New York City to task during the end of the twentieth century. Among his gems was this pearl: “The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners.” Ouch.

Trash Talkers Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan Ryan is as bragadocious as they come. In stark contrast to his AFC East counterpart, Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan is a media darling who has never seen a microphone he didn’t like. He started his tenure as the head coach of the New York Jets by saying, “I didn’t come here to, you know, kiss Bill Belichick’s rings. I came here to win.” He has yet to win the big game, but his crazy trash talk hasn’t slowed down a bit.

Trash Talkers Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson For unbridled lunacy, you can’t go wrong with Iron Mike. His whole career is full of gems, like the time he said he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ children during a post-fight interview. Mike may have mellowed with age, but for twenty years or so he was possibly the most fearsome man on the planet. His crazy trash-talk only fuelled that image.

Trash Talkers Mitch Green

Mitch “Blood” Green You may not know his name, but “Blood” was crazy. Insane in the ol’ membrane. Why? In 1986, when the previously listed Mike Tyson was killing people in the world of boxing, he questioned Iron Mike’s sexuality. Then he called him ugly.  And he did this on live, broadcast TV. This was during the hype for their 1986 ten-round fight. Would you dare to call Mike names if you had to fight him now, nevermind twenty five years ago when he was a wrecking machine? Exactly. This is perhaps the craziest, most suicidal bit of trash talk in sports history.

The next time you hear some athlete run his mouth, remember this list. Chances are what he says won’t be half as crazy as the things these guys have said. They are among the craziest trash talkers in sports history for a good reason and it’ll take some mighty nutty words to top them.