There are a sea hot females out there. You meet them everywhere, but none of them excite you. You want the hot gamer girl. You dream of waking up, craving a bowl of Lucky Charms, walking downstairs and finding your girlfriend furiously pressing buttons at the TV in her underwear. A freshly finished bowl of Lucky Charms on the floor beside her. It’s hard to find that fusion of beauty and nerd, but it is possible. Here is a list of the hottest girl gamers.


Mila Kunis

The “Forgetting Sara Marshall” star is addicted to World of Warcraft. She even knows what a guild is. Kunis had to take a hiatus from the video game because the addiction was interfering with her life. Don’t think you can discover who she’s made as a character. She has stopped speaking into the video game because someone recognized her voice once.



Adrianne Curry

Hot? Yes. She won “America’s Next Top Model” and she is open about her affinity for video games. She has done a surplus of interviews about her experience with World of War Craft.


Megan Fox

The aptly named Fox has been gaming since she was nine years old. She’ll challenge you to anything Mortal Kombat and force you off the couch to participate in Wii Fit challenges. That bowl of Lucky Charms will have to wait.


The Fragdolls

The Fragdolls have their own website and are sponsored by Ubisoft. Yeah, they’re legit. This group of hot nerds travel the country to visit conventions. They specialize in group first-person shooter games.



Michelle Rodriguez

You just might have a chance with Michelle Rodriguez if you happen to have held on to your old-school gaming consoles. Don’t underestimate the term old-school. She has a special affinity for 1982’s Coleco Vision console.


Kate Beckinsale 

A World of Warcraft guild has openly claimed that Kate Beckinsale is a core member, and she doesn’t deny it. She’s an actress on the street and a gamer in the living room.


Jenny Mccarthy

Jenny loves Command and Conquer. Her earliest and fondest memories include the game Pac-Man. She is open about her nerd-dom and is a shining example of how there are hot girl gamers out there.