The AMC network is a cable channel that originally started off as American Movie Classics in 1984. The network eventually began to emphasize its own programming and it changed its name to AMC in 2002. Much of its programming has developed a loyal following and programs like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” are known for addictive stories and clever dialogue. The producers of their shows are also smart enough to realize that strikingly beautiful women also go a long way when it comes to finding a loyal audience. Here are seven of the hottest women on AMC shows.


christina hendricks mad men.jpg

Christina Hendricks. Hendricks plays the character of Joan Harris on “Mad Men.” This is the classic program that defines what life at an advertising agency in the 1960s is all about. Hendricks is the stunningly curvy office manager who will use her sexuality to help her get what she wants at the Sterling Cooper Agency. She also has problems with some of the other female employees at the agency who are jealous over her standing and influence at the agency.


January Jones.Jones and Hendricks have a pretty good battle going on over who is the hotter actress on “Mad Men.” Jones plays Betty Francis, the former wife of Don Draper, the founding partner of the Sterling Cooper Agency. She and Draper have three children, but now she’s married to Henry Francis, who works for New York mayor John Lindsay. Betty knew all about Don’s predilections for bedding other women during their marriage and she has no problem using that knowledge to get what she wants from him.


Jessica Pare. Pare plays “Mad Men” mainstay Megan Draper, the new wife of Don Draper. She was originally an employee of Sterling Cooper and eventually became Don’s secretary. She is intrigued by her boss and when she makes a serious error on a security clearance form, she volunteers to stay late to undo the damage. Minutes later, she is making love with Don and eventually becomes his new wife.

Anna Gunn. Gunn plays Skyler White on “Breaking Bad, ” wife to Walter White. She has no idea her cancer-ridden husband is engaging in an outlaw life and attributes his constant mood swings to stress regarding his diagnosis. Skyler eventually finds out about Walter’s meth-making ways, and makes him an ultimatum:  Move out or she’ll call the cops. Walter believes his wife won’t turn him in and eventually moves back in. Although his wife doesn’t drop the dime, she takes her frustration out in other ways. Like, an affair with her boss.


Betsy Brandt. Brandt plays Marie Schrader on “Breaking Bad.” Schrader is Skyler White’s sister and while the two are close, she tends to annoy Skyler because of her tendency to ask so many prying questions. Brandt is married to DEA agent Hank Schrader, and she notices his personality change following an attack by the Mexican drug cartel. She is her husband’s top advocate and is not afraid to question his bosses at the DEA.


Mireille Enos. Enos plays Seattle homicide detective Sarah Linden on “The Killing.” Sarah has a very quiet nature and is good at staying in the background and seeing everything that others miss. She is strong and professional, but she does not necessarily love her job. She’s almost ready to walk away and move with her fiancé to Sonoma, California, but the murder of Rosie Larsen compels her to stay in the Pacific Northwest.


Jamie Anne Allman. Allman plays party girl Terry Marek, the sister of Mitch Larsen on “The Killing.” After Rosie is murdered, Terry tries to help out around the house by watching her two young nephews. Marek has her heart in the right place and wants to help, but she often says the wrong thing at the wrong time.