A party without these essentials is not a party. Were you a guest at a party without party supplies and essentials? Not pleasant, not very festive. Celebrating for any reason deserves a party with all the party needs. Here are seven essentials your party can’t be great without.

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Theme defines celebration. A party is not a party without a theme. Without a theme the festivities would just be your run of the mill unorganized gathering. Don’t go down in flames. Choose a theme fitting for the celebration. Colors should be compatible with the source of the theme.


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Beer and beverage, dish of food. Do it up for your guests and supply beer, beverages and a couple of festive food displays. Cold beer, other than warm German beer, should be kept in coolers full of ice with easy access. Bottled water tucked with coolers in coolers, wine in ice buckets and a punch on the counter filled with ice, is a good place to begin. Pizza, chips, pretzels, and nuts go hand in hand, as do finger sandwiches. A platter of crackers, spreads, thin cheese slices and lunch meat usually work best with finger sandwiches.



Red Solo cups. Toby Keith couldn’t have said it any better, releasing a social favorite expressing the party essential of the year-“Red Solo Cup.” Solo cups can be sold in bulk at less of a price. For the most part, the cups are fairly cheap. Multi-uses of cups can shoot off the grid. From being filled by beer, wine cooler, wine, water, juice to holding spoons, forks and knives, these cups are one party essential that come in handy. Just have enough trash cans to go around.


Trash and recycling cans. Mark the recycling can and place a 30 gallon bag inside of both cans. A trash can and recycling can should be visible for guests to dispose their trash properly. Expect a couple of items landing in the wrong place. If you forget these party essentials prepare for a long night of picking up cans and bottles, plates and cups. The worst Easter egg hunt imaginable!

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Entertainment, the host with the most. Playing music or hiring a band are two standard forms of entertainment. Others include viewing a sport on the big screen TV, dancing and karaoke. Line something up for the party and have a back-up plan. Entertainment is most essential. That is if you want people to relax and unwind. For more extreme forms of entertainment try a sport-related activity. Lighting fireworks is not a sport activity, sport.


Cornhole and bocce. How to play cornhole? Cornhole boards are placed across from each other with distance between. The bean bag should be tossed into the hole of the board facing you from the other side. Scoring depends on how close you land to the hole. View a cornhole guide for all the details. How to play bocce? A bocce ball is rolled. Everyone rolls their ball, one at a time, in an effort to get as close to the ball as possible. Scoring depends on how close you land to the first ball rolled.

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Cab or designated driver accessible. Hire a cab for the night to pick up and drop off. Choose a designated driver to cart people home. That is if alcohol will be present at the party. Allow drivers to remain safe by posting a notice of this party service. And just call them in the morning and remind them when they ask “dude, where’s my car?”