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At a certain point in your life, a vacation is probably viewed as a relaxing time to get away from the hassle of working every day. Some people want to do nothing more than sit around the pool with umbrella drinks or head to the golf course. But you may want to get more out of your vacation time and take that chance to see the world. One of the greatest adventures you can take is going on a safari, so here are seven reasons why every man should go on a safari.


Endangered Animals

When you go on an African safari, you have a chance to see wild animals in their natural environment that you may have never seen before. Perhaps you have seen some of them at your local zoo, but you’ve never seen them in the wild. Many of these species may be endangered, and that means you will get a chance to see animals that your friends, relatives and neighbors can only dream about.


Memorable Scenery

You will not mistake any areas that you see in Africa for any other place you have traveled to in the past. African planes are wide open and stunning, and there are often huge mountains and dramatic waterfalls in the background. These scenes will give you a chance to take classic photographs.


Learning Curve


When you go on a safari, you get the benefit of learning about the animals, the land, the scenery and the environment from someone who is familiar with the area and can give you the full story. This gives you a chance to gain information from a teacher who has first-hand knowledge of the area that you are in.



When you go on your daily excursion, you are going on an adventure that promises to be exciting. When you know you are traveling towards an area that may be populated by lions or elephants, and you may see them when you turn the next corner, your heart will be beating quite a bit faster. You can’t feel that kind of excitement when you are waiting for room service to deliver your next meal.



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Many people might dismiss the idea of going on a safari because of the expense associated with the trip. While a safari can be quite expensive depending on the accommodations and the length of your trip, budget-conscious vacationers can find a trip that suits their finances. You don’t have to break the bank in order to find a suitable safari. You can find a safari at a budget-friendly price under $1,000 (plus airfare).




Here’s one of the unseen bonuses of an African safari: once you have made your plans and you are touring, all you have to do is sit back, take out your camera and let the driver and the guide do the majority of the work. There will be time when you get out of your jeep and tramp around, but there will be many miles and hours where you get to relax and enjoy your environment without having to do anything.


Meet People

When you go on your tour, you will meet people who have a similar desire as you do to see the African continent, animals and the natural scenery. These people may be from other states, countries and continents. You can make friends who you truly enjoy on your vacation, and you may even decide to vacation with them for years to come.