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Pro Football, the NFL, the gridiron–is there anything better during the fall and winter? Many men in America have warm and fuzzy memories (or perhaps tales of heartbreaking disappointment) regarding football. Over the last couple of decades, football has been enhanced in a lot of ways, fantasy football being chief among them. In spite of that, football still remains the domain of men, and for men in a relationship, football can sometimes become a sore point. It sucks men in and leaves girlfriends out in the cold, but it doesn’t have to be that way. No, fantasy football can help bridge the gap and bring your girlfriend on board with your Sunday ritual. Need proof? Check out our list of seven reasons why you should let your girlfriend play fantasy football.



She’ll start to like football. It’s obvious really. Teach her the ins and outs of fantasy football, and she’ll have a vested interest in watching the games closely. Imagine pride in your heart when she starts quoting stats, like yards per completion or touchdown to interception ratio.



Fantasy football is fun. Let your girlfriend play, and you’ll be doing her a favor. Who doesn’t like fun? She’ll learn the joys of waiver-wire pick-ups, and when she pulls a bold move and starts a back-up running back on the suspicion that he’ll have a big game, she’ll be elated. And she’ll have you to thank. Congrats, big guy.

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Girls who like football are sexy. It’s a scientific fact:  your girlfriend’s sexiness is increased 150% when she talks about football. Fantasy football can be her window to the vast wealth of football knowledge. Once she gets the hang of it, you might be the one who wants to blow off the first half so you can have a little sexy romance.



A competitive spark provides spice. If your relationship has been in the doldrums, fantasy football can be your salvation. When you and your girlfriend are in the same league, playful football banter is bound to develop. And when you guys go head-to-head, that’s when the sparks will really fly! But that’s good, you want that. That action is just what your relationship needs. Just keep it civil, and don’t rub it in too bad if you win.


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She’ll feel included. If you and your buddies are together every Sunday watching all the games and yelling about your fantasy teams, you could be in a dangerous situation. Football might tun into your girlfriend’s enemy because you’re excluding her and devoting so much time to the gridiron gods. Let her play some fantasy football, and suddenly she’s included. Football is common ground now. See? Simple solution.


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You’ve got to play to win. Some fantasy football leagues offer cash prizes or other goodies. Sure, you could be a cheater and create more than one team, but the honest thing to do is to let your girlfriend play. If either of you win, you can split the booty, and you can do so with a clear conscience.



Your Sundays become safe. If you and your girlfriend work a Monday through Friday schedule, Sundays are valuable. Football is on all day, so your day is pretty much full. But your girlfriend might have other plans for Sunday, like dinner with family or other non-football activities. Get her into fantasy football, and you can keep your sacred Sundays. Your girlfriend will have all the incentive she needs to ride the couch with you.