Safety razor

It’s Movember — and whether or not you participated in the hairiness for a good cause, you’ve probably accumulated at least a few days’ worth of late autumn stubble. Soon enough, you’re going to start to feel the itch, and you’re going to need to shave.

So why are you still using a disposable razor?

After shaving with a safety razor for a solid year, I’ve decided I will never go back to my drugstore disposable. Here are seven reasons why you should flick your Bic in the trash and make the switch to the safety razor.

Safety razor

Myth: Disposable razors are cheaper.

Fact: A six-count set of disposable razors will set you back around $12, and each one will only last you around a week worth of daily shaving — an average cost of about $2 a week. Because safety razor blades are dual-sided, each lasts around 2 weeks — and each one only cost ten cents. Yes, you read that correctly: Five cents a side.

In an average year, you’ll spend around $112 on disposable razors, compared with roughly $3 a year on safety razor blades. Of course, there are some upfront costs associated with using a safety razor, including the razor itself, and optional shaving bowl and brush combo if you want the full wet shave experience. But the money you’ll save in blades alone will quickly offset all of your other upfront costs. If you’d like to learn more about the largest scam of manhood (yes, scam!), I recommend the longread, The Evolution of Shaving and Why It’s a Rip-Off.

Safety razor

Myth: More blades give you a closer shave.

Fact: The more blades you use, the more likely they’ll quickly jam them up with facial hair. This will leave you with a streaky shave, so you end up wasting time slapping your razor against your sink to unclog the blades. A safety razor has a single blade, so it’s far less likely to get clogged. If you want to clear the blade, all you have to do is twist the bottom of the razor to loosen the grip and run it under the water to clear it in seconds. Problem solved.

Safety razor

Myth: Safety razors are hazardous to your face.

Fact: Safety razors are just as safe as disposables. When you tell people you shave with a safety razor, they usually picture Sweeney Todd or the Barber of Seville. But what they’re thinking about is a straight razor — in fact it’s called a safety razor because it’s not a straight razor. In the year I’ve been shaving with a safety razor, I have cut myself half as often as a disposable.

Safety razor

Myth: You save time with a disposable razor.

Fact: With a little practice, you’ll spend just about as much time with your safety razor as you currently do with your disposable. Sure it takes some time to lather up your shaving cream, but now you won’t have to take the time to bang your razor against the sink to unclog the stubble.

Safety razor

Myth: It’s difficult to shave with a safety razor.

Fact: There is nothing really all that difficult about it! It only takes a few days of practice to get the hang of the process. I highly recommend you try on a weekend, because you don’t want to rush through and risk cutting yourself. Here’s some mandatory reading to get you started.

Safety razor

Myth: Disposable razors are healthier.

Fact: By now you’re reading this and thinking, if safety razors are so great, then why doesn’t every man shave with them? You may think it’s because they’re unhygienic, but they’re actually much cleaner. Disposable razors get clogged up with little to no ability to clean and dry the blade entirely. So your disposable is far more likely to carry bacteria while sitting on your kitchen sink, and often house of rust on the blade. Because safety blades are cleaner, you’ll reduce ingrown hairs and other bacterial irritations.

safety razor

Myth: There are fewer products involved with disposable razors.

Fact: No matter what you shave with, you’ll need a razor with a blade and some type of shaving cream. And while I like a bowl and brush for an authentic wet shave, you can still continue to use your favorite shaving cream or gel. Bonus: you’ll help keep tons of wasteful disposable razors out of landfills over the upcoming years.

So make an early New Year’s resolution to clean up your act and stop throwing your money down the drain. A safety razor shave is classy, manly, and chicks dig it. So grow up and kick your Schick. Read my stubble-free lips: You won’t regret it.