Reasons You Should Elope

Planning a wedding can end up less fun than planning your own funeral, which makes any of the seven reasons you should elope seem incredibly attractive. Even if you don’t fear getting married, it’s OK if you fear the big wedding planning phase. And with traditional weddings, that phase is huge in many respects—from the cost to the stress, the time to the dress, and the ongoing threat of wearing a tux in front of dozens of people. These seven reasons you should elope might just spur you to run away  to say “I do” your own way.

Reasons to Elope Money

Money Saving money is a big, fat reason to elope. The engagement ring may have already set you back a couple of paychecks, and paying for a large, traditional wedding can spiral you into one of those long-term debts. The average cost of a wedding is nearly $20,000, though you can easily elope for $2,000 or less—and that’s including the air fare to a beachy location.

Reasons to Elope Location

Location Elopements tend to be regarded as though a couple is “running away” and they are.  When you elope, you can run away to an exotic getaway location, a tropical island or even a quaint bed and breakfast up in Vermont, as many places now offer inexpensive elopement packages. This beats sticking around the same ho-hum town and saying “I do” against the same ho-hum backdrop.

Reasons to Elope Honeymoon

Honeymoon If you do run away to an exotic or romantic location, your elopement trip can double as your honeymoon. This takes the strain out of paying for a wedding and then paying for a jazzy trip—you’ll already be somewhere jazzy.

Reasons to Elope Invitation Hassles

Invitation Hassles Eloping gets you out of all those invitation hassles, a major plus in large families. Sendingo out invitations can get messy since you have to deal with the drama of who to invite. Divorces, new girlfriends, live-in partners with step-kids and the myriad of other types of non-traditional relationships can easily make you want to forget the whole thing. Leaving out certain people out can lead to hard feelings, while iniviting those same people can lead to even harder feelings from someone else. Eschew all the hassle by eloping and inviting absolutely no one. That way at least everyone’s equally irate when you finally break the news.

Reasons to Elope Intimacy

Intimacy Small and intimate is the name of the elopement game. timate means romantic means your wedding night will really be one to remember. Eloping works especially well if you have any kind of aversion to donning a tux in front of large crowds or just wearing a tux in general.

Reasons to Elope Casual

Casual Since you’re already defying tradition when you elope, you can also call the shots when it comes to what to wear. You don’t have to get stuck in a suffocating tux and pointy leather shoes. You can instead say “I do” in your favorite Tee and cutoffs while barefoot by the sea.

Reasons to Elope Time and Stress

Time and Stress Eloping takes less time and produces less stress than planning a traditional wedding. Think about it. You only hear about Bridezillas—and now Groomzillas—when the wedding planning is dragging on for months, providing ample time for the bride and groom to morph into these monsters. You can remain your own sweet selves when you elope, instead of tearing your hair out for months over details that range from the placement of the after-dinner mints to the type of hat on the plastic groom that sits atop your cake.