Admit it. You’ve probably gotten drunk and, at least once, done or said something stupid. Just make sure one of those stupid things is not drunk Facebooking. Playing with Facebook while drunk can be more hazardous than trying to operate heavy machinery, at least for your reputation. Your mind is usually not at its keenest when you’re wasted and sharing that non-keen mind with hundreds of Facebook friends can easily result in hundreds of Facebook enemies. That’s not the only thing that can go wrong, as evidenced by these seven reasons you shouldn’t drunk Facebook.


You could ruin your computer. Let’s get the most practical reason out of the way, which is the threat of destroying your $1,000 electronic device by knocking over your mug of brew. Have you ever tried to clean beer off a keyboard or motherboard? Let’s just say it does not work too well. Cleaning off vomit is even worse.


Most people who read your drunken Facebook page or post are probably going to be sober. When you mouth off drunkenly at a bar or party, the impact is less harsh since everyone around you is often drunk as heck themselves. When you do it on the middle of the night online, however, you drunken post is showing up on computers everywhere for people who are sober. Out of context and sober, your drunken Facebook post is particularly scary, especially if it shows up for your parents or relatives.


Slurring in type is never pretty. Drunken typing typically involves misspelling, misquoting or downright jibberish if you are so far gone you have no idea what keys you’re hitting. A messssije kood looook sunthin like thisssssssss. You don’t need something like that attributed to you for eons to come.


It often involves nudity. People like to get drunk and take off their clothes. Add Facebook and a webcam to the mix and you’ve got yourself a disaster. You’ve also got yourself a whole new batch of folks who know exactly where that mole is on your lower groin.


You could be an angry drunk. Drunken rants and rages are par for the course for some. The rants are usually pointless, blown out of proportion and sometimes even dumb enough to get you arrested. You don’t need to give the cops an invitation by posting drunken rants and threats all over your Facebook wall.


You could be a horny drunk. Others get all lovey dovey or aroused when drunk. This is particularly dangerous when a number of your Facebook friends are either ex-girlfriends or those you hope will one day be current girlfriends. Posting sex talk on their walls is not a good way to score good boyfriend points, especially if one of the victims happens to be your aunt.


That Facebook stuff is permanent. Think of it as kind of a permanent tattoo across the face of your reputation. You cannot erase the damage done, especially hours later. It’s possible to delete a Facebook post several seconds after you post it, sure. But for that millisecond it was blazing from your wall, it could have been copied by any number of people across the world and live on in cyberspace to haunt you forever.