When it comes to being smooth, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Men have been smooth since the beginning of time. Yet, while it comes in many forms, smoothness can be elusive. Miles Davis had it, John Coltrane did not. Derek Jeter’s got it, A-Rod… not so much. And these seven era-spanning gents? Indisputable icons for any man looking to step up his game—with life and the ladies. Read and learn.

Ryan Gosling

Obligatory. This dude is America’s boyfriend for a reason. He’s the type of guy who opens doors, picks up the check and laughs at all her jokes. The guy appears to work out a bit, too. Hey, girl…

Yul Brynner

Why were women so into show tunes back in the day? This guy. Old chrome dome projected total confidence in every role, as if he had 10 inches of salami slapping around between his legs. While Brynner used that confidence to command a room, it’s hard to imagine him using it to be a douche. We’re talking about a guy who made a PSA urging people to quit smoking while he was dying of lung cancer. Bynner cared about the world around him. That’s part of what made him so damn smooth.


In every major phase of his life, from music and business to marriage and fatherhood, the guy has just nailed it. He might have 99 problems, but not being smooth definitely ain’t one.

George Clooney

Clooney has a special kind of smooth that lets him be a lothario, even in his fifties. Impeccably dressed, he also exudes an everyman quality, and that’s part of his appeal. He isn’t the dreamboat on the cover of the romance novel. He’s the good-looking neighbor who brings home the bacon, can cook a damn fine meal and knows what to whisper in a woman’s ear. He’s manly but sensitive in a quiet, understated way. Which is pretty much what the ladies want more than anything.

Danny Trejo

Hey, just because he’s gruff on the outside doesn’t mean he isn’t tender on the inside. It’s easy to imagine Señor Trejo killing someone with his bare hands, but he’d probably be doing it to defend a lady’s honor. We get the sense that lurking deep inside Trejo is a man not afraid to greet his woman on Valentine’s Day with a dozen long stem roses, a self-penned love poem and a Spanish guitar jam he wrote himself.

Cary Grant

Grant exemplifies everything great about the golden age of Hollywood. Style? To spare. Class? The man invented it. Adventure? We’re talking about a guy who dropped acid over 100 times, and this was way before Ken Kesey was writing about it. There’s a reason women fell for this guy for decades. If you need a single role model on the code of smooth, look no further than this gentleman.

The Most Interesting Man In The World…

…but you already knew that.

Jordan Harbinger is a Wall Street lawyer turned Social Dynamics expert and coach.  He is the owner and co-founder of The Art of Charm, a dating and relationships coaching company.  If you dig this and want to learn more from Jordan and The Art of Charm team, visit theartofcharm.com.  You can also interact with Jordan on Facebook.