Men have certain needs when it comes to the places they live, though these requirements are much less than those required by women. That said, men still need certain things in the places where they spend the most time, which usually breaks down to the bedroom, the bathroom and especially the living room. Below are seven things that should be in every man’s living room, so you can make sure yours is updated correctly.


A television. It’s not really a living room without a television, and unless you are in some Hippie environmentalist phase, there is no excuse for not having one. Cable should be hooked up to this television as well, so that you and your friends can watch sports, movies and a number of different television shows. Despite the added cost, this will be the center of the entertainment and hosting at your house. The bigger and nicer the television, the better.


A Good Coffee Table. Like the television, a good coffee table will be part of everything you do in the living room on a regular basis. It will often serve as a table for eating, drinking or doing various other activities that will be the center of entertainment. Ideally, this coffee table should be sturdy enough to sit on and have a ton of surface area.


Lamps. Overhead lighting saps the energy out of you and people in the room, so using lamps is always preferential for the living room. Get a number of different lamps that stand up on their own or sit on side tables and shed different amounts of low light. It will be perfectly moody for just about any situation.


Framed wall art. Photos, posters or various other pieces of art are key for the walls of the living room, as this is where you will truly be able to show off your interests and artistic sense. While framing is often very expensive, it’s worth it for a nice living room as it looks both hip and classy at the same time.


A great couch. A couch is just as important as the television and coffee table. It should be incredibly comfortable and big enough to sleep or have sex on, so that you can sleep or have sex on it easily. While an L-shaped couch is a lot more expensive, it is much better then just a regular couch, as more people will be able to stretch out fully.


A comfy chair. When the couch is all full, or when you just want to be master of your own domain, a comfy armchair is ideal. And sometimes a man just needs to be master of his own domain in his own living room, which is why this comfy, cushy armchair is key.


Speakers. Sound is also an important addition to every man’s living room, be it surround sound for the television for optimum sports and film viewing or just for playing music with the television off. You can buy great used speakers and hook them up to an amp that will rattle the windows, allowing you to escape in sound in the comfort of your own home.